Nixon's Memoirs: May 2004

Monday, May 31, 2004

Riverfest: The Return

The wife and I returned by ourselves for Day 3 of Riverfest yesterday. Eddie Money has seen better days, let me tell you.

The highlight of our return trip was the Lawry's traveling kitchen display. We got some great recipies, and they gave away a CutCo knife, and three aprons. They called my name and I won one of the aprons, sweet.

Rain cut our trip short, and there was no NASCAR give-a-way, so our plans pretty much turned out to be a dud. But, we still had fun.

I would have had this stuff up yesterday, but just as I was finishing up typing this blog yesterday, my computer decided it would be a good time to just go ahead and restart itself. It took until now for me to get myself up to typing it again.

No big Memorial Day plans, as I worked last night, and am working an overtime shift overnight tonight as well. But, my wife did prepare a delightful fruit salad and tuna salad sandwhiches. We hope to grill sometime this week.

Today's Mood: Content
On Launchcast: "Down Under" -Men at Work.

Thanks to: Middle_America for finding my blog! I can only assume it was our mutual affection for The Dead Zone that accomplished this feat.

Until next time!

Friday, May 28, 2004

Riverfest results

Overall, a real blast. Spending time with my wife, and a friend-couple of ours was a rewarding experience. We ate some good (and NOT carb friendly!) foods there, saw lots of people, including some local "news celebrities". We and our friends both agreed that we would NEVER let our daughters dress like most of the teenie girls we saw there. I swear, they looked like child prostitutes (not that I have an actual frame of reference for that.) Wearing skirts that ALMOST covered their butt cheeks, or lowrider pants with thongs, halter tops, or those flimsy "handkerchief shirts." I was embarassed for their parents.

My main reason for wanting to be there was to see the Spin Doctors, but apparantly, the whole band had been comped some extreme amounts of beer before the concert, as they sounded AWFUL, butchered their own lyrics, and kept saying "We're the Spin Doctors" after every song.

On a happier note, a group I had never heard of called Trout Fishing In America put on a fabulous show, and may just be one of my new favorite groups. They are worth a look, blog readers!

We plan to return to festival briefly on Sunday to see Eddie Money, and enter to win a big NASCAR give-a-way.

Fun fun fun!

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Food, Folks, and Fun!

Lucky me! A co-worker needed some time off this week, and I was thusly able to change my schedule and work for him, and get this Friday evening off. This allows me and the wife to attend an event we haven't been able to attend in the three years we've been here. (Due to me working.)

RIVERFEST always has top notch entertainment, and is a great time (so I hear.) I'm looking forward to going.

The Greek Food Fest was a blast, and the wife learned to cook one of my favorite dishes they serve there, so now we can eat it all year long.

Here's tonight's rundown.

Mood: Amused.
On Launchcast: "Don't Know Why" -Norah Jones
New book: Star Trek: Stargazer-Oblivion.- Michael Jan Friedman (Still reading Tom Clancy though)

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Less Complaining and planning for the future.

Well, the sermon at church Monday night was a homerun with me. Less complaining, or none, and life gets better. My church is really good at putting things in perspective for me.

Colleen pointed out that not living one's life by television is helpful, and while I see merit in that, I happen to know Colleen has her hands FULL with youngins, and probably has no time to watch T.V. as it is. Plus, she's always been a computer gal anyway.

On a seperate note, the wife and I went to a high school graduation today, the one where she used to teach. I sat there pondering about my own graduation, in *ahem* 1989. Then I realized, even if my wife got pregnant tomorrow, I would be at LEAST 50 years old by the time they graduated high school. That was a bucket of cold water.

I'm really trying to convince my wife to start a family, but so far she has shown *zero* interest.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Last Episode

Television viewing can be a very nerve-racking experience. How can it be, I think to myself, that the most brilliant, entertaining shows on television take entire summers off, and end WAY too soon, usually within 5-10 years, leaving their fans to catch re-runs and be able to quote episodes line-for-line decades afterwards?

Then, in comparisson, the most INANE, boring, lifeless productions on television (I speak of Daytime Soaps) have been around since the days of yore when the grandparents gathered around the big wooden Philco to listen in to the ancestors of the same characters that are depicted today. Shows where a one hour event takes a week to finish, and nobody notices that they just left their Christmas party in time to gather for New Year's Eve.

I find myself dreading the impending summer on overnights, armed with nothing but re-runs of my favorite shows. In fact, I know of only one show that I care about that will be airing NEW episodes this summer, and that is the here-to-for greatly missed "Dead Zone" on USA Network.

I have seen so many "Series Finale" "Season Finale" promos this week, it's making my head spin.

But, by the suit of Jerry Orbach, I will survive.

Friday, May 21, 2004

3/4 isn't bad, is it?

Well, I managed to take that shower, pick up my drugs, and get to work on time, but again missed out on paying the delightful folks at Comcast. Ahhhh. As long as they don't shut me off, I guess it'll be fine.

Big plans for tomorrow, in addition to sleeping, I plan on getting up early for the annual Greek Food Festival here in Little Rock, my wife and I have gone the past two years, and are looking forward to our third. Also planning on meeting a female co-worker there whom I've struck up a friendship with. She wants to meet my wife and have a chance to "hang out" outside of our restrictive work environment.

After that, it'll be a nap, followed my the worst shift of the week, 7pm-8am Saturday night.

My Launchcast CLAIMS to be playing a song by Electric Light Orchestra, but for some reason, I'm getting no sound.

I'll get a good 3-4 chapters read on my Tom Clancy book tomorrow night.

My mood: Puzzled, mainly by the Launchcast malfunction.

Oh, and thanks to smartAss.Nerdgirl for joining Colleen as a commentator on my blogs. I really enjoy reading her blog, and she is very witty and worthy of reading.

I'll be up most of the night chatting, and will be invisible on my YIM.


Alaskan babe

Yes, I managed to both get up in time for, and actually watch The Price is Right today. My day always seems to go better when I do. A very attractive young woman from Alaska won the Showcase today, and I always try to imagine the winners enjoying their prizes, it makes me feel good.

It makes watching "Let's Make a Deal" interesting, because when they win a new car on there, I just picture the thing up on concrete blocks in some old guy's back yard, with the guy sitting on the back porch mumbling about the time he dressed up like a giant stalk of celery and met Monty Hall.

Well, 3-11 again today at work, after yesterday I'm not sure what to expect out of my evening. But then again, its good not to have any expectations, that way, you're never dissapointed.

Mood: Aprehensive

Launchcast: Is off.

Plans for the day(after my surfing):

1: Long hot shower
2: Pay cable bill
3: Pick up prescriptions from Walgreens
4: Work.

Thursday, May 20, 2004


After boldy blogging yesterday afternoon about my scant list of intended achievements, I managed only one. Thankfully, it was the 8-hour shift at work that I accomplished. No defrosted chicken meant bologna sandwiches when I arrived home, and the Communist Cable company (which are actually quite capitalistic, but calling them communists makes me feel better about hating them) can be paid tomorrow. Despite the "Grab a Book" quote below, I actually pay $50 a month for my cable modem, but yeah, after one day with MSN-TV, it IS a worthwhile investment.

Work went badly tonight, one child went ballistic and beat on the wall for over an hour (not unusual, just annoying.) Another carved a gang sign into his arm with a paperclip he found. (Again, not unusual.)

O.K. Time to be insightful.

Mood: whimsically sarcastic.

On Launchcast: "New Design" -Thousand Foot Krutch

Bookbag: Hey, The Bear and The Dragon is a HUGE book, just assume it's there until I say differently.

Plans for tonight:

1: Finish this blog.
2: Read others' blogs.
3: Yahoo! Chat with local strangers.
4: Go to bed @2am, wake up in time for The Price is Right.

Daily Introspectives (Slave to the system)

In my skipping about the blogs, I see a lot of these types of entries, and see the usefulness of them for future reference.

Mood: Indifferent.

In my bookbag: The Bear and The Dragon -Tom Clancy

On my Launchcast Music Player: "U Got The Look"- Prince

Plans for today: Defrost chicken for the wife.
Deliver payment to demons @ Com(munist)cast.
Work from 3p-11p

Fascinating, I'm sure.

What was the price?

Thanks to a dear friend's influence, I've once again missed The Price is Right due to the fact I was playing this game. Oh well, I do believe Bob Barker will live eternally, so what's one missed show, hmmm?

Grab A Book (Courtesy of Jaymeekae via Penguin's Ponderings)


1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

"For $40 a month, I consider my cable connection well worth the investment" -Starting an eBay Business for Dummies by Marsha Collier.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The Principle of Interests

I've recently updated my profile, the "Interests" section proves to be the most daunting task, as I am very careful to put the most accurate things possible without sounding 1: Boring or 2: Perverted.

Speaking of the title, the other day, the Mrs. and I were at the Waffle House for a late night meal, and I asked her if she had a quarter for the juke box. She at first denied having any change, but when I voiced my intent to go out to the car and look through my change holder, she produced one from her purse.

"You just always find a way to spend money needlessly" She said.

"It's the principle of the thing."

To which I replied "Sometimes, it's the interest."

She couldn't help acknowledge the wittiness and moral of the statement, and gladly gave up the quarter.

My luck, the juke box was out of order.

A Clearing

As in real-life storms, they clear quickly, often leaving damage in their wake.

While I am not yet sure what emotional damage this recent storm caused, it has indeed cleared.

I came into the computer room, montior cable in hand, as I had taken it with me to Best Buy to have it tested in hopes that it was the culprit in my computer woes. Best Buy tested it, and it did work, so I just assumed the problem would be one beyond fixing.

So, as noted in my last narrative, I purchased the MSN-TV, came home, and set it up. It worked SLOWLY. So slowly, it was painful to watch. Anyway, as I was saying, I'm in the computer room, and it strikes me as the thing to do to reattach the monitor cable for one last check before stacking the computer in the closet.

Lo, and behold, it works!

I may never know what was wrong with it, and have no idea if the problem will occur again. But for now, I'm happy to have my computer back...with a careful eye on the sky.


Monday was the beginning of what has been a stormy week, in more ways than one.

The thunderstorm on Monday knocked my power out around 2pm. Not a problem for most, but I sleep during the day, and use a C-PAP machine I need to sleep.

I discovered later that day, when the power was restored, that my computer no longer functioned. It would power up, but nothing was getting to the monitor, which claimed in it's defense, that IT was working perfectly after a self-test.

The second storm occured when discussing with the wife how to replace the computer. It got ugly, and I said a lot of things I regret, which I have since apologized for. But, after ruining a delightful young lady at Gateway's day by cancelling my order for a new laptop (at my wife's request) I decided to got the Cheapo-Depot route.

Thus, friends and curious onlookers, I now blog to you from the tiny, finger-cramping keyboard of a MSN-TV device.

Will this storm ever end?

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Overnight revelations

Bounced some ideas off my co-worker last night about our place of employment, and our expectations of the patients we serve.

Our biggest problem, we agreed, was not with the kids making "mistakes" (such as cursing, stealing, etc.) But the fact that they then refuse to accept responsibility or make any restitution.

It continues to baffle us that, when caught red-handed, the child, after already being consequented for their behavior, will continue to deny any involvement whatsoever, often lengthening their punishment in the process.

What is it about human nature that refuses to allow us to humble ourselves and admit our mistake, learn from it, and then do our best to make it right?

Instead we choose to blame anyone but ourselves, the elusive "society", our parents, our teachers (staff at a facility)the dog that bit us, politicians, postal delivery persons, whoever might be convenient.

Our children will react to a 15 minute "Time Out" with such impulse, that they often end up losing their privledges for an entire day or more because of it, lengthening their stay at the facility.

"In for a penny, in for a pound" comes to mind, I suppose, to explain this phenomenon.

I take solice in the fact that right now, I am about to climb into a warm bed that's in my own home, and that later I can watch any show I wish, surf the web, eat a snack, etc. These small freedoms that we take for granted are hard-earned privledges for the kids at my facility. And in my past experience as a corrections officer, I know that they are for the adults incarcerated as well.

With freedom comes responsibility.

Any negative choice we make must provide a benefit that outweighs the potential consequence of our action.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

New Start

An old, dear friend turned me on to this place, and since I'm on the computer far more than in front of a journal, it seemed a great opportunity to get a new start.

Though this is a rather exhibitionist form of journaling, I believe the therapeutic value outweighs the negatives.

Laura Ingraham Show

Michelle Malkin


Michael Eubanks

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