Nixon's Memoirs: A call from dad.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

A call from dad.

My father called me unexpectedly today. Through no intention, we usually end up speaking to eachother about every three months, and it's usually I who do the calling, along with some lame-o story about how I've been 'busy'.

We talked about the usual, NASCAR racing, airplanes, my brother.

My father works for the federal government as a mid-high level inspector for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (so we just call him 'Homer') and it pays quite well. I work for a non-profit treatment center for troubled youth, and make very little, so my father is always under the impression that I'm broke. The fact that I spent my entire twenty-something years begging for cash MIGHT have something to do with that impression.

But, my wife is a teacher, and together, we pull in (almost) enough to make a decent living, and I decided to cut the (BBQ) apron strings a couple of years ago when it comes to asking dad for cash. It doesn't stop him from asking me if I need money though. Hey, everyone NEEDS cash, I just don't need the emotional baggage attached to any check he may pen on my behalf. (Not to mention my wife frowns on the practice.)

My step-mother sounded in good spirits, they just bought her a new Honda CR-V, and ordered a Rascal Scooter so she will be more mobile. She took him to an Air Show in it the other day as a surprise, and since it came equipped with a built-in picnic table, they tailgated in the parking lot before the show. My dad REALLY enjoyed that.

My dad's second wife is poor health according to him, leukemia I believe.

To clarify, my parents are both on their third marriages, but I do believe their last ones. Both current step-parents are perfect for them. My mom's second husband was an Iranian national who wanted to convert us to Islam, and take us back to Iran. I was all for it at 13, but mom thought better of it, and he went back to Tehran, never to be heard from again. Oh well, probably for the best. (Like CERTAINLY for the best.)

My dad's current wife was his high school sweetheart up until my mom moved into town. (Wink wink, nudge nudge.) They kept in touch through the years, and finally got married about ten years ago.

Well, the wife is home, and we have a couples Bible study in an hour, so more blogging later.

On the radio: "The Blues" (?) -Elton John.
Mood: Chipper.


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