Nixon's Memoirs: Show me the money!

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Show me the money!

It has been our habit recently, on the night before payday, to start planning ahead the next day's activities. Well, imagine my dismay this morning when we checked our bank balance, and my check had not been deposited.

This has NEVER been a problem in the past, every other Thursday, my check would be there.

So, this afternoon when I got to work, I talked to my supervisor about it.

Turns out that the woman who does the payroll has been, for years, working 10 hour days in order to have Fridays off, and, since SHE does payroll, nobody noticed it until last week. So, HER boss put the cay-bash on that, saying that she had to work five 8 hour days like everyone else in the administration building. (Of course, us plebian goon squaders in the houses who actually work WITH the kids have all sorts of screwed up schedules.)

So, in retaliation, the payroll woman refused to put the payroll in on the usual day, thus making everyone with direct deposit miss there check today. This accomplishes revenge how?

It'll be in tomorrow (allegedly) but, what about those of us who have AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWL? Luckily, I don't, but a lot of my co-workers do, and it's going to end up wreaking havoc I'm sure.

So, no cup of coffee today, though I do plan on getting one tomorrow, along with an oil change.

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At 6:51 AM, Blogger Middle_America said...

Oh man, that would bite. I actually have auto-deduction and there are a number of bills auto-deducted as well. So yeah, I can see that really wrecking havic on the accounts. Especially when most live paycheck by paycheck.


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