Nixon's Memoirs: The Sprinkler System, The Greatest Generation, and more.

Monday, June 07, 2004

The Sprinkler System, The Greatest Generation, and more.

About 6am this morning, my co-worker discovered that the laundry room, storage closet, and nurses' station were all covered in water. One of us had to monitor the kids, so I woke a few up to help him with the clean-up process whilst I phoned the on-call maintenance person.

I can hear the groans from Middle_America as he reads this, but this WAS an emergency.

The minutes passed, and the leak continued, soon I went outside to try and find the source, and it turned out to be our new high-tech sprinkler system, built by the lowest bidder in a lightning-fast two years, that keeps falling apart.

An hour into the kids swabbing the deck in shifts, I finally call the facilities director, who was finally at work. Apparantly my words. "We've got a big leak, and it needs to be looked at ASAP" were translated by the on-call maintenance person as. "Hey, I know I woke you up, but please, just come in at your usual time, snag a cup of coffee, and wander over in about two hours, eh?"

It's just that kind of UNprofessionalism that chaps me.

Which leads me to my clunky transition into the "Greatest Generation." Man, 60 years since D-Day. My 'rebellion' against my parents was not to shock them with Metallica or Ozzy Osbourne or Twisted Sister or Motley Crue, but instead, play Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, and The Ink Spots in my free time. THAT sure set off their Strawberry Alarm Clock!

I have respect for my parents, but it was my grandparents generation that I truly admire. They had a job to do, and they did it well. I wish I could personally thank every veteran, and especially those of WWII, but that being impossible, I'll simply due my best to enjoy the freedoms they won for us without abusing them.

Those who read my blog, and the blogs I've linked may wonder about my reasons for supporting them. Being rather Libertarian in my views, I have no issues with Barefoot Boi and her way of life. I have no issues with our beloved Barista, who showed concern over my views I suppose in her blog. I believe in the things that matter, IMHO, and the trivial, invasive finger pointing, I do with out. Our veterans did not die on a battlefield so that we could go around saying "That's not right! You're different, you shouldn't do that!" Yes, I believe in the Bible, and I follow it's teachings, but showing hate and animosity towards others is NOT biblical. Is our "sin" any better?

We all know that we SHOULD be doomed to hell, right? For cheating on that test in 7th grade? For lying to your mom about doing chores? For looking at that good looking person and imagining them nude?

Did not Jesus die on the cross for EVERYONE? And is not His blood sufficient for EVERYONE?

Sure, just because we have Grace does not mean we can live in sin. But we ALL must struggle with our own demons, and share only that the Grace is there for the taking, rather than condemn those whom we perceive as less than us, for not yet claiming that Grace.

Uhm, dang, I'm preachy when I'm tired.

On Launchcast: "Bitchin' Camaro" -The Dead Milkmen.
Mood: Dang preachy, like I said.

Love ya'll, good night, I'm off to bed.


At 4:26 PM, Blogger laurie said...

hm...i have problems with two types of people: lazy people and hypocrites.

if you call someone and say you have a leak, considering the cost of water damage and even the water bill, i would also expect someone to appear at least within the hour. luckily, i've been blessed to not have anything like that occur *actively looking for something wooden to knock on* if it did though, and someone took their merry ol' time getting there, i'd be pissed. i'd be worse than pissed.

just like at my job, we pay people to watch tv. sure you watch 4 stations and you have to type a bit here and swap a tape there, but it's really not hard labor. and these people complain about how much they make, even though it's more than someone who does something like construction. it drives me crazy that they are complaining about the easiest job in the planet and they won't get up to find another job b/c they are lazy.

i do think my generation is clueless as to what our parents and grandparents went through when they were our age. sure we're experiencing a war right now, but it's nothing like WW2 when you had to save your tin cans and use stamps to buy food and stuff. i can't imagine what life was like back then and all i have to go on are stories that my dad tells me.

are comments even allowed to be this long? it's like i'm posting in the middle of your blog. sorry!


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