Nixon's Memoirs: July 2004

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Saturday thoughts

I decided yesterday not to press charges against the young man who hit me. I called him last night, and before I could even tell him, he apologized to me for what he had done. I was glad to hear that. He sounded relieved to hear that I wasn't going to press charges as well. I'll see him this evening, and I'll be able to explain my reasoning more then, which was that I would much prefer he get the counseling and treatment he needs at our facility, rather than just sit in juvenile detention, which is what would happen if I did press charges.

I didn't get near as much cleaning done as I hoped to during the last three days, but I got ONE room a lot better than it was. There is still a lot of work to do even in that room, but at least I got everything into the closet. What I did was, box-by-box, sort through and seperate like they do on that show Clean Sweep. "Garbage", "Keep", or "Sell." There are still several boxes in the closets to sort through, but I got rid of a whole bunch as well, which allowed it all to fit into the closet.

The room I cleaned is the most used room in our house- The computer room, of course!

Great baseball game last night! After about a 2 hour rain delay, the Travs defeated the Frisco Rough Riders 6-4, hitting four homeruns in the process! Heckuva game!

My wife returns from ABA today! I'm so excited, even though I'll only see her for a couple of hours, I do miss her so, and I can't wait for her to see the room. I wish I could have gotten more done, but oh well.

I'm happy today, with a good sense of accomplishment.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Some personal time

After the shot to the jaw Wednesday, and actually before then, I decided to take Thursday evening off for some personal reflection. I also used this time for some house-cleaning, laundry, a movie (Chronicles of Riddick) and some time at West End. It was fun, but I found myself with a headache most of the day, and no explanation for why I had it.

I'm off today as well, and plan on going to a Travelers game tonight, even though they are really doing poorly right now.

All I really wanted yesterday was a day to myself, where nobody knew I was home, and nobody would bother me. But, my wife almost talked me out of the info (I told her today) and my mom actually did talk me out of it, and of course called me. I called her back later on to talk about some old pictures I had found whilst cleaning.

Speaking of things found whilst cleaning, I'm finding stuff we never unpacked when we moved to Arkansas over three years ago after our wedding. You'd think after three years, I could just say "It's obvious I can live without this, I should just throw it out, or sell it." But that's getting to be a daunting task. Not so much with my things, but since my wife isn't here, I don't want to throw out something that might be important to her.

I promise most of the political stuff on the left will be gone after November, like I said earlier, this is really just supposed to be about my life and things I think about, but I can't truly seperate that from my politics I suppose.

Right now I'm trying to decide between more cleaning, or some television time. Perhaps I'll keep cleaning until Jeopardy comes on.

Well, Freddy Mercury currently sings to me "The Show Must Go On!" So I suppose it shall!

I'm bored as heck.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Bandmasters and Bad kids

Knowing my wife reads my blog, it makes it an interesting prospect sometimes when I use this journal to share my feelings on thing related to her. But, she seems to respect it as a forum for my feelings, so it's not too much of a gamble I guess, as long as I don't go airing dirty laundry.

The wife is off to Fort Smith this week for the American Bandmasters Association convention. This is something I normally do with her, but due to work and financial concerns, we thought it best that just she go this year. It's kind of like work for her, as she goes to workshops, seminars, etc. Me, I usually hang around the vendor booths and sample fundraising food and pick up flyers and the like from all the displays. This saved her the trouble of having to do it all herself, and then she hits the highlights I've chosen later.

The drawback to this is that she will be gone until Saturday, and I've already been missing her horribly the last few days, as my work schedule, and her schedule have conflicted so much that recently we saw eachother for 15 minutes in a 48 hour period.

I enjoy spending time with my wife, and not having her here is saddening. However, when we are together, I don't think we take enough advantage of it. We both get kind of lost in our own little worlds, either on the computer, or television, or reading, or work related things, or reading the Bible.  So, sometimes, even when we're together, we're apart.

Memphis was a welcome change to that pattern, where we spent every moment together save restroom visits.

Some of my readers may be confused by the two new links on the left side of my blog. As I mentioned in my last post, I am supporting President Bush in the upcoming election. However, I also feel that the Libertarian candidate deserves a look, and to be heard, as I think he offers some very fresh perspectives to the issues at hand.

Moving on to the rest of my day today, I went to work for my weekly "Staffing Team" meeting, where we, the front line staff, are brought in at an inconvenient time to let the administration folks hear our opinions on the patients' progress based on our fourty hours+ week spent with them. Then, after carefully listening to our input, which they could have easily read in our charts and daily communication log, we are summarily ignored, and they make decisions based on their own opinions, usually formed from 0-1 hour of weekly contact. So, imagine my delight when we were summoned from the meeting to respond to an irate patient at the house. The patient was unable to be verbally de-escalated, and had to be personally restrained. In the course of the personal restraint, he managed to land a fist solidly to my chin. It hurt for a little while, but is fine now.

My dilema now is that my boss wants me to press charges against the young man. He said it's up to me, and I don't want to do it, but it was obvious my boss would prefer that I did so.

This kid has already had a hard life, and the thought of sending him back to jail just doesn't sit well with me.  I don't think I'll do it, but then I fear my boss will think less of me.

The highlight of my day was my friend Dale and I went to see The Bourne Supremacy. Whew! What a great flick! I still prefer The Bourne Identity, but this one was just as exciting.

Now, with the house to myself, I'm watching the Phillies and Marlin(s) and trying to keep myself from getting super bored. Thanks for all your input and support, blog readers!


Monday, July 26, 2004

Un"Conventional" Thinking

Driving around today, it was fun to listen to Sean Hannity broadcast from the Democratic National Convention. He's one of the few journalists there not actually drooling on and worshiping the candidates and delegates.

I tend not to blog much on politics, because that's not really what my intention for this blog is, but it's becoming increasingly evident to me that this election is even more important than I thought it was. I was content with the knowledge that I would simply nod and smile at all my friends and family, and then when finally at the little plastic table, use my little ballot pen to connect the arrow next to President Bush's name and be done with it.

I don't know if that's enough now.

It appears there is a concentrated effort on the part of media to discredit and villify Bush. First with the 2 hour Kerry Commercial from Michael Moron, and now the remake of the Manchurian Candidate. At the least the New York Times finally came clean and decided to be honest about what they do.

I studied journalism in college, was a member of the Society of Proffesional Journalists, and actually believed for a minute the crap they claim are "journalistic ethics."

One quick look around my college newsroom though quickly told the story. Act Up flyers, a photo of U.S Senator Don Nickles (R-OK) with a swastika on his forehead. Trojan condom ads, and the like were prominent on the walls there. To them, it seemed "balance" was the liberal AND ultra-liberal point of views were to be given equal time.

When I was about to turn 18 in the summer of 1989, I spent four hours a day for a week in the OU library studying the platforms of both the Democratic and Republican parties. I made a personal checklist of ideas and agendas that I like and disliked about each one. In the end, the Republicans were ahead by about 90 percent. So, on my 18th birthday, the first thing I did that morning was register to vote. I still remember the snippy look the registrar gave me when I chose Republican.

People seem to think that the GOP is the party of the "Rich" and uncaring. But I don't see it that way. I am FAR from wealthy, making just around $25,000 a year in a job I love because it allows me to help kids in need.  I believe that the Republican party is the party of common sense. Rugged individualism, compassion, responsibility, respect. Keep what you earn, and be good to your fellow man.

I see the Democrats as the party of "gimme" and unchecked ideals of "It's All About ME"

Well, it's not all about YOU. It's about God, and HIS plan for our lives.

I view Democrats as the fish salesmen, and the Republicans as the fishing instructors.  Sure, the instructor may seem cruel, making you learn how, and do the work yourself. But how much more cruel is the fish salesman who leaves you dependent on him, and then keeps raising the price of fish?

Now, of course, there is that 10% of me that gets irked at my party of choice, which is what lead me to the Libertarian party for a while. But the differences are so slight, and still so represented within a large numbers of Republicans, that I have since returned to the fold.

Well, enough ramblings for today, I'm off to work soon.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Police Museum Posted by Hello

News 3 "On Your Side" (And in your face!) Posted by Hello

South Main and "November 6th"? (My wife) Posted by Hello

Creative Streetwalking Posted by Hello

Arcade Posted by Hello

Dyer's Posted by Hello

B.B. King stage (From where we sat.) Posted by Hello

B.B. King's Posted by Hello

The Pyramid Posted by Hello

Fun with art Posted by Hello

AutoZone Park Posted by Hello

Iowa Bullpen Posted by Hello

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Saturday, July 17, 2004


Well, we're back from Memphis. WOW! What a trip! We got in Thursday afternoon after stopping at Krystal's for lunch in West Memphis. We toured downtown and Beale Street all day, catching several great sites such at the Police Museum.
That night we went to B.B. King's, and saw Ruby Wilson.
The next day we saw the Masters of Florence exhibit at The Pyramid, which included works from all four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (hehe)
Friday night I got to cheer on the Iowa Cubs to victory over the Memphis Redbirds. Man, those fans can get uptight!
We ate at several other "legendary" places in Memphis, such as The Arcade, Dyer's, Center for Southern Folklore, and Jillian's.
I'll have LOTS of pictures to show you in a few days when the CD comes back from Walgreens, and I'll tell more about the trip then.
Word of advice, if travelling to Memphis, DO NOT, under any circumstances, stay at the Motel 6 downtown. The service was terrible, the rooms were nasty, it was the worst part of the trip. Thank goodness we did little more than sleep there.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

A good week

Well, mom left out on Thursday morning, and got lost on her way home. That worries me a bit, knowing that mom's always been good with directions. She ended up staying the night in Glenwood, AR. and made it back the next day.

Friday was fun, the wife and I ran some errands, then ate at Tia's, a Mexican place. After that, we went shopping at Wal-Mart. We use the one in North Little Rock, as it is MUCH cleaner than the one in Little Rock. Sometimes we use the Bryant one as well. Friday evening we went to our church for a special event called "Cafe' and Jam" which is held about every four months and features a food contest (IE: Chili, BBQ) and impromptu music performances by anyone who feels inspired to get on stage. This one featured a "Freeze-Off" Homemade Ice Cream contest. I ran camera part of the time, and it was a blast.

Working overnight tonight, Sunday, and Monday. Then, after my team meeting on Wednesday, I'm ON VACATION.

Our original plan of a trip to Chicago turned out to be finacially unattainable, so, I *sniff* sold my Cubs tickets on eBay, almost making my money back. It's sad for my wife too, who is missing out on both her family reunion, and a visit with her mom, who is flying to Chicago from Oahu.

But, we plan on having a fun time in Memphis, and already have tickets to see the Memphis Redbirds take on the Iowa Cubs. Hey, my Cubs gear will get used afterall! We'll be sitting in "The Bluff" section of AutoZone park in Memphis. We also plan on partaking in several of Memphis' sites and eating establishments. This is all in celebration of my turning 33 on July 16th. Yes, I'm getting old, but I take comfort in knowing my brother is turning 37 on the same day.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Profile Pic Posted by Hello

Laura Ingraham Posted by Hello

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Mom's in town

I don't know what it is exactly about my mother that just sets my temper into hyper-drive, but she always manages to push every button I have. It's been a problem we've had for life, and at 33 and 59 respectively, I don't know when we'll both "grow out of it." On a more positive note, she fulfilled two more items off of my wife and I's "Wish List", which were a new microwave, and a TV mounting bracket for my den. Yeah mom!

My church has started a new website, which is quite different from the norm, and addresses real life issues that a lot of churches I've seen avoid. is worth checking out!

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Yardwork, etc.

We put the new lawnmower to work on Friday, mowing the back yard, which was starting to get out of hand. The grass back there was over a foot high and rising, but it looks great now.

Today my brother-in-law came over and mowed the front yard while doing his laundry.

I have lots of plans and ideas for the yard, the tricky part is finding the time, money, and energy to put them into action. Having the lawnmower, though, at least keeps it looking neat.

I hate my doctor, I realized this a long time ago, but just told myself that he was being 'cruel to be kind', but now I think he's just an ass. He never listens to me, always puts me down, and now he's holding my medicine hostage until I come see him again NPO (fasting) which is hard for me to do considering I work nights. So, when I do see him again, and he refills my meds, I'm gonna go Donald Trump on him and tell him "You're Fired!" Any of my Little Rock bloggers know a good family doctor?

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Laura Ingraham Show

Michelle Malkin


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