Nixon's Memoirs: Un"Conventional" Thinking

Monday, July 26, 2004

Un"Conventional" Thinking

Driving around today, it was fun to listen to Sean Hannity broadcast from the Democratic National Convention. He's one of the few journalists there not actually drooling on and worshiping the candidates and delegates.

I tend not to blog much on politics, because that's not really what my intention for this blog is, but it's becoming increasingly evident to me that this election is even more important than I thought it was. I was content with the knowledge that I would simply nod and smile at all my friends and family, and then when finally at the little plastic table, use my little ballot pen to connect the arrow next to President Bush's name and be done with it.

I don't know if that's enough now.

It appears there is a concentrated effort on the part of media to discredit and villify Bush. First with the 2 hour Kerry Commercial from Michael Moron, and now the remake of the Manchurian Candidate. At the least the New York Times finally came clean and decided to be honest about what they do.

I studied journalism in college, was a member of the Society of Proffesional Journalists, and actually believed for a minute the crap they claim are "journalistic ethics."

One quick look around my college newsroom though quickly told the story. Act Up flyers, a photo of U.S Senator Don Nickles (R-OK) with a swastika on his forehead. Trojan condom ads, and the like were prominent on the walls there. To them, it seemed "balance" was the liberal AND ultra-liberal point of views were to be given equal time.

When I was about to turn 18 in the summer of 1989, I spent four hours a day for a week in the OU library studying the platforms of both the Democratic and Republican parties. I made a personal checklist of ideas and agendas that I like and disliked about each one. In the end, the Republicans were ahead by about 90 percent. So, on my 18th birthday, the first thing I did that morning was register to vote. I still remember the snippy look the registrar gave me when I chose Republican.

People seem to think that the GOP is the party of the "Rich" and uncaring. But I don't see it that way. I am FAR from wealthy, making just around $25,000 a year in a job I love because it allows me to help kids in need.  I believe that the Republican party is the party of common sense. Rugged individualism, compassion, responsibility, respect. Keep what you earn, and be good to your fellow man.

I see the Democrats as the party of "gimme" and unchecked ideals of "It's All About ME"

Well, it's not all about YOU. It's about God, and HIS plan for our lives.

I view Democrats as the fish salesmen, and the Republicans as the fishing instructors.  Sure, the instructor may seem cruel, making you learn how, and do the work yourself. But how much more cruel is the fish salesman who leaves you dependent on him, and then keeps raising the price of fish?

Now, of course, there is that 10% of me that gets irked at my party of choice, which is what lead me to the Libertarian party for a while. But the differences are so slight, and still so represented within a large numbers of Republicans, that I have since returned to the fold.

Well, enough ramblings for today, I'm off to work soon.


At 4:46 AM, Blogger Middle_America said...

Absolutely. I agree, with your post completely. I am a registered Independant. This was due to me not wanting to be a specific party but rather look at each candidate individually. However, I will be changing my party this year.

I am glad to see this post, even though the blog (yours and mine) wasnt really for politics, but suppose to for life.

But when you see the defamatory, half-truths, it's hard to not get irked, and upset.

You are very correct in this will be a very important vote this year. As I mentioned to my co-workers yesterday, what I am afraid of is the Democrats view a better U.S. by working toward a world economy, ect. But the fact is the other players are not democratic rather than totarian.

At 7:43 AM, Blogger Colleen said...

Yep, I agree! I think the Democrats know that the only way they can possibly win is to discredit Bush - and they're working hard at it.

At 10:49 AM, Blogger laurie said...

oy vey. as a registered democrat (heh) i gotta say something here.

i heard some statistics on the news this morning about how often president bush's name has come up at the DNC convention - less than 50 times in 3 days. the phrase "stronger america" - over 200 times.

i think sean hannity is a nut job. and i'm sure when the republican convention goes down next month, he will be dancing around in the fox news booth wearing nothing but his underwear singing the praises of our fearless leader.

i'm supporing kerry for a few reasons: international relations, elimination of the tax cut for the top 2% incomes, health care management, the current media censorship crisis and lowering of national debt.

nonetheless, this campaign season is destined to be one for the history books and i'm really excited about it.

sorry for that rant. hehe

At 9:30 PM, Blogger Nixon Casablanca said...

It's OK, Laurie, I still love you!

Not being in the Top 2% of wage earners myself, I still think it quite unfair that one's success in punished in this country. I don't think that just because I've managed to make a lot of money, that that gives the government the right to take half my stuff!

Plus, who employs people in this country? The homeless? NO, the rich do, and therefore I think they deserve to keep there money due to the fact that they contribute back to the economy in great ways.

Media censorship crisis? Oh no! What's the frequency, Kenneth? Has Dan Rather been kidnapped? Oh yeah, we have Charlie Rose tied up in my den at the moment, forgot. Who's censoring, and who's been censored?

Foreign relations: I'm sorry, did 9/11 happen or not? I give not one flying rat's butt what other countries think of us when it comes to defending our country. Afghanistan's repressive Taliban regime is gone, Saddam Hussein is out of power, and I for one am happy about it. My only contention with the current administration is that we haven't taken out a few other countries that were involved yet.

Health Care: Medicare is a bloated, corrupt beuracracy that NEEDS a sharp kick in the ass! Everyone talks about how the greedy drug companies and private insurers are the enemy, when it's MEDICARE who is overspending and overregulating the care of its citizens. Doctors are so used to the government cash cow that they regularly charge DOUBLE to Medicare patients what they would charge a normal patient. Bush is currently trying to correct this, which of course is being depicted in the media as "Bush to slash Medicare funding!"

As for Sean Hannity dancing in his underwear, well, that's a visual I just didn't need, but I'll take it over Michael Moore in his undies any day of the week!

Can I pick Laura Ingraham instead?

At 7:58 PM, Blogger James said...

Great post! And I hope you keep posting on politics. Even in a personal blog you need to talk about what makes you tick and you are obviously a committed conservative so say what you think we ALL need to hear it. And thanks for the link as well.


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