Nixon's Memoirs: Ah, sweet rain!

Friday, August 20, 2004

Ah, sweet rain!

It rained and thundered last night, and I've never been so happy. Probably because I wasn't driving in it, but it also has lowered the in-house temperature to a very reasonable 81 degrees this morning.

I worked my first 3-11 shift in a couple of weeks yesterday, and had to get used to the routine again, which includes actually interacting with and giving consequences to the kids for things other than poor journal work while they sleep. I think I got right back into it, as I lit up the kids for virtual hours of room time. Yeah me! Of course, we now have them convinced that when we give them room time, its because we care. So now punishment=love! Yes, this is our theory, and I think it is a good one, as the only time these kids were punished in the past was when they brought mom the wrong brand of cigs back from the liquor store. (Stereotyping, but not far from the truth for some, and even worse for others.)

My boss seems to like to torment me by hiring cute young girls in their early twenties to work in our house. It's a full time job fending off both the kids and the other staff members, who are mostly single men in their late twenties. But, the youngster that worked with me last night had a wry sense of humour, and appreciated mine as well. We got along quite well. She's a feather in the wind, however, as she has moved ten times in five years, and already has plans on moving to Colorado in December, stating she hates to stay in one place. Oh well, didn' t need the headache anyway.

Essentially, last night I was working with two "sub-pool" persons, and one new hire, which made me the responsible, experienced vet of the bunch. Scary. I tend to be more of a follower than a leader, so when I'm placed in positions of authority over other adults, I become very nervous. I get few complaints, though.

This is perhaps the most incoherent, unattached, relentless stream of conciousness blog I've produced to date. Oh well. It made me feel better.


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