Nixon's Memoirs: Gettin yer hair did.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Gettin yer hair did.

I got home this morning, played around online a bit, then went to bed. At 5pm this afternoon, I am greeted as I'm lumbering out of bed by my wife, who is quite upset.

Again, long story short, she went to a salon appointment today, and the woman there said she needed to do it at her residence, because she wasn't feeling well. Halfway through the process, the woman says she's going to run out for a couple of errands. Two hours later, my wife finally leaves.

So, we go to our small group bible study, which is currently on the topic of the occult and false religions. Today we studied the Church of Jesus Christ (LDS) AKA the Mormons.

After the group, we went back to this woman's apartment, and talked with some guy (a "baby daddy" I believe) who very kindly stated that I was "cooler than a m...f....". Whatever I shall do with such high praise, I'll never know.

FINALLY, my wife's hair is done, and it looks good, and she's going back NEXT WEEK? I'm a guy, I guess I'll never understand it. I went to our local Sport Clips over a month ago, and figure I'm due back in another week or two.

I recently joined this "Alliance of Free Blogs", oddly enough, most of them share similiar views, or at least very interesting ones. I can't guarantee their quality or content though, so click at your own risk.

I'm off to work soon. It seems that no matter how much sleep I get during the day, I'm struggling to stay awake at night. I start chugging coffee and have daydreams of crawling into bed, usually starting about 3am. Oh well, it could be worse.


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