Nixon's Memoirs: Holiday Inn and empty gas tanks

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Holiday Inn and empty gas tanks

I've been doing my absolute best not to complain about the following situation, so rather than view it as a complaint, think of it as a "consumer alert." Yeah, that'll work.

The Holiday Inn in Fort Smith, and now Holiday Inn Corporate in general, have stolen from us.
No, they didn't sneak into the room and make off with jewelry, but what they have done had the potential of being even worse.

As I mentioned before, my wife was in Ft. Smith for the Arkansas Bandmasters Association conference, and she stayed at the Holiday Inn there. She reserved the room on our Visa Debit Card, but when she and her friend arrived, they suggested that they could save some money by holding the room on an actual credit card to avoid some sort of fee. So, my wife's friend gave her regular Visa.

Upon checkout on Saturday, the lady at the counter asked if they wanted to keep it on the Visa, and they replied yes, asking for the bill to be split between the two of them. When my wife arrived home, she realized that they had accidently charged our debit card for the entire amount. She called, told them what happened, and they said they would correct it. This resulted in a THIRD charge being placed on our Debit card, which draws directly from our checking account. By the time Monday rolled around, they had managed to charge us FIVE TIMES for the room! Calls to corporate did no good, and seemed to just make things worse.

Last night, I car-pooled to work with my friend Dale so my wife could take my vehicle to her school since it has air conditioning (It's Band camp week). She intended several times to stop at a Citgo station to use a Citgo Cash card she won at ABA, because she knew that our Debit account was in chaos due to these charges. But, she was unable to find a Citgo.

Well, needless to say, she ran out of gas on the way home, and ended up having to walk over a mile. (I had given her my keys, and she had taken HER keys with her as well, so I was unable to go get her, and besides, I was asleep this whole time due to working graveyard.) After getting a gas can, and getting my car to a Citgo, we then found out the Citgo Cash card she had won was EXPIRED, but that's another story for another time.

I am LIVID at Holiday Inn, both in Fort Smith, and in at the company in general for RISKING MY WIFE'S LIFE due to their INCOMPETENCE!

How hard is it to reverse a charge, really people? I told them I expect full recompensation, if not more. And now, I have done my civic duty as a consumer by sharing this injustice with my fine readers.


At 6:39 AM, Blogger Middle_America said...

Oh man, talk about an awful deal. For our company it depends on how the charge is sent. For most of our transactions, a '48' means charge and a '49' means credit when sent.

I hope they get this resolved quickly, because if your like me, its beginning of the month and you already sent the checks out for the bills and if they find a zero(or negative) balance, it will only make things worse.

At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, UGH!!! That's AWFUL!! :(


At 4:32 AM, Blogger John said...

It's really terrible what is happening to customer service in this country. So many organizations, like phone and cellphone providers, routinely have 20-minute or half-hour waits to speak to a live customer service rep (who may be located halfway around the globe and know little abouot your actual situation).

I know it can be frustrating!


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