Nixon's Memoirs: Upcoming events

Friday, August 27, 2004

Upcoming events

A fun night is in store as the wife and I once again enjoy some Texas League Baseball as the Arkansas Travelers take on the El Paso Diablos tonight at Ray Winder Field. Tonight is Anaheim Angels hat night, so I hope to get there early to ensure getting a hat.

Saturday will simply entail me sleeping and going to work at 7pm, but Sunday, my church is renting out all of Wild River Country for a big party and over 80 baptisms. I'm really looking forward to that, we had a blast last year.

I went to my old doctor today! (But Nixon, didn't you blog a while back about HATING your old doctor?) Why yes, yes I did. But I meant the one BEFORE him, his wife. She is now listed on my medical insurance plan, and I was able to see her today. It was fantastic! No scolding, no tales of doom and gloom. Just friendly advice, smiles, hugs, and great conversation. She really listens to me. I had switched to another doctor closer to my house, and while he was good, his office had very poor customer service.

On the political front, while I understand President Bush's need to back away from the Swift Boat Veterans, we in the blogosphere are under no such obligation. These guys haven't just crawled out of the woodwork this year, they've been against Kerry since '71 when he came back and bad-mouthed our Vets to congress, and came up with this piece of pulp trash which desecrates one of the most hallowed images of WWII, the raising of the flag at Iwo-Jima.

It's bad enough the anti-establishment hippies have taken over our colleges and universities, the last thing I want is for one to become President.

So, in the spirit of free speech, of course, Kerry and his cronies have threatened TV stations who play the ad, and have essentially gotten it taken off the air. I never even got to see the ad. So I found it here.

That's all for today, folks! Have a great weekend, whenever YOUR weekend is. (Mine is Wednesday and Friday, hehe)


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