Nixon's Memoirs: September 2004

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Blew out my flip-flop, stepped on a pop top.

I noted this one in my head yesterday while listening to the radio on my way into work. Thanks, Allah Pundit for compiling the data, saved me a lot of work.

From Allah Pundit.
Kerry, August 9th.
On Friday, Bush challenged Kerry to answer whether he would support the war "knowing what we know now" about the failure to find weapons of mass destruction that U.S. and British officials were certain were there. In response, Kerry said: "Yes, I would have voted for the authority. I believe it was the right authority for a president to have.

"Kerry, September 29th.
"We should not have gone into Iraq knowing today what we know," Kerry told ABC. "Knowing there was no imminent threat to America, knowing there were no weapons of mass destruction, knowing there was no connection between 9/11 and Saddam Hussein, I would not have voted to support war."

Now if your (slightly above) average Arkansan catches this, and people in their pajamas posting messages on the internet catch this, why can't the vaunted "MSM"? Do we need to forge them a document, first? Then again, everyone has the right to change their mind, especially if they got one in too small a size.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Some new blogs

I've added some new blogs to my blog roll, and sadly removed a few that appear to have gone away.

I slept way too much last night, as I need to sleep some today, in order to prepare for my overnight shift. Also tonight, I'm going to see the Dave Elswick classic movie King Kong (1933)
at the Market Street Cinema.

My mom and step-dad are also arriving tonight and spending the night. They had planned on leaving out tomorow, but we worked it out to where they will come back for dinner after checking into the Happy Hollow in Hot Springs. We are, of course, going to Sesame's.

Thursday is my wife's birthday, and she'll be 27. I've already "gotten" her present, that is to say I worked several overtime shifts earlier this month in order to earn enough money for her to get microbraids, which are quite expensive. She is to choose the evening's activites such as dinner, movie, or whatever she likes.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Is my life really this boring?

It's certainly not that I don't have time to blog. I sit in front of this computer quite a bit, playing iSketch, or reading my e-mail, or checking out other blogs. It's just that when I try to think of something to write about in my own life, I draw a blank. Since my last entry, hmm:

I did the training I said I was doing;
I worked Thursday overnight;
I slept maybe two hours on Friday;
I went to my wife's football game, which they lost, 6-0, but the band did pretty well;
I slept until about 11am this morning;
I watched part of the Florida-Kentucky game, and am now watching the Arkansas-Alabama game, as Oklahoma has a bye week today;
I leave for work at 6:30pm.

That's it. Nothing exciting has happened at all.

I've already commented on the current events I had thoughts on.

Well, thank you all for reading anyway!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

In training

As a requirement of my work, I have to take a minimum of 40 hours per year of manditory and elective training. I've got some of the manditory training this week, including today's feature "Bloodborne Pathogens" from 11:30-12:30 and tomorrow's double feature of "Risk Management" and "Mechanical Restraints" from 1pm-5pm. These, combined with my 3-11 shift today, and my 9-11 team meeting tomorrow make for some rather busy "days off."

In between training and work today, however, I do plan to make it to Target to purchase the new Star Wars Trilogy DVD set. My job also has what it calls a 'Zero Accident Program" or "ZAP", in which we are paid off with the potential winning of Target gift cards if we avoid injury, or at the very least, don't report it so their worker's comp premiums don't go up. I won a $30 "ZAP" prize this month, and it's going towards the purchase of the DVD set.

That's all I've got for today.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

OU vs OU

I'll be heading out shortly to another OU Club of Central Arkansas watch party to cheer on the Oklahoma Sooners against the Oregon Ducks. This should be our toughest test to-date this season.

My wife won't be able to make it this time, as she is in Russelville studying to be an "acredited adjudicator" whatever that means. It was something to do with her job, and could mean extra cash down the line I think, so I'm all for it.

C "BS" news still denying their mistake, and digging the hole deeper and deeper.

Well, we got our Air conditioning fixed (again). This time, it was the 'capacitor', which apparantly got shook up like a beer can after a recent 'power surge'. OK, all I know is it cost us $186.

That's all I have for today, I work overnight tonight 7p-8a.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Got the new Gateway 310T

Came today in the big cow box, and while enjoy the sleek new look, the Windows XP, and all the new bells and whistles, I do have to say that this Pentium 4 doesn't seem to be as fast as the AMD Athlon I had in my three-year-old computer. Maybe there are other factors involved, as I've never claimed to be a computer 'genius', merely a computer user.

Ads by "Goooooooooobers!"

When I signed up for the "Adsense" program, I made an incorrect assumption that the ads would somehow target my blog's audience, based on content. It seems to be doing quite the opposite in fact. So, if the ad in the "Ads by Goooooogle" box offends you as much as it has been offending me, please DON'T CLICK IT! Because, even though we Republicans are often accused of it, I am not willing to place profit above personal principle. They can keep their 2 cents.

Stay tuned to Powerline, and Daily Recycler for updates and links to the latest on Forgerygate. How far does this go? Is CBS an unwitting dupe of the Kerry-Edwards campaign? Are they willing co-conspirators? Or are they in fact the initiators of this farce with the documents?

I considered joining the growing group of blogs called the "Jammies Brigade", which plays on the critics notions that bloggers are just people in their pajamas typing their opinions. But, the fact that I generally blog in just my boxers disqualifies me I suppose. :)

We are supposed to take delivery of the new CPU tower today from Gateway, but not knowing when it will be here causes concern. I have to go for my annual work physical today @ 2pm, so it is quite possible I'll miss them, as I did with the laptop, which I finally had to chase down at a nearby dollar store.

Folks, serious human rights abuses continue in Iran.

Recently, a 16-year-old girl was HANGED for 'Activities Against Public Morality’ and Iranian police invaded the annual conference of Iran’s Assemblies of God and arrested at least 80 church leaders at the church’s denominational center near Tehran.

The majority of Iranian people want freedom, and suffer under the Mullahs like Iraq suffered under Saddam. I for one would love to see both a free Iraq and a free Iran in my lifetime. The sooner the better.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Nothing new on the home front

Life had been pretty uneventful the past week. We did get the Gateway M520 laptop computer, which is fabulous, especially to watch DVD's on, because the picture on it is nicer than anything I've ever seen. I haven't had a chance to test out the Wi-Fi yet, and won't until next week because that's when I'll have both the time and money to visit my favorite "hot spot" and watering hole, West End.

In answer to the comment on my previous post, yes, I have indeed heard of Fox News, and believe them to be the most trusted news source available. The problem is, the left, and the uninformed have been so used to CBS and most other major news outlets being so BLATANTLY biased, that when an honest-to-goodness FAIR media appears, I'm sure it would appear to be "Right-wing" in comparison.

Besides, the ratings say it all.

Sorry it's been so long, and that this is so little. I should pick up the pace in a week or so.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Delta Airlines snubs Arkansas Marine

Michelle Malkin reports this story about Delta Airlines. From what it says, Delta refused to give a seat to a US Marine from Arkansas, returning home to visit her family on a short leave, because of an error THEY made. This is totally ridiculous. They wouldn't even let other passengers GIVE UP THEIR SEAT to get her home to Benton. I for one never plan on flying Delta again.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Cheering a Sooner victory

The wife and I had a fabulous time at the OU Club of Central Arkansas' watch party on Saturday, as we cheered on our alma mater to a 40-24 victory over the Bowling Green Falcons. I knew it would be a tough game, as the MAC is quickly gaining the reputation as a league of spoilers and future National contenders.

At the party I met Ken Weaver, who is the news director for our local Citadel affiliates including KARN, one of my personal faves, and KURB, my favorite local music station. He is also a Sooner fan. Also in attendance were another 10-15 other Sooner faithful right here in Little Rock, including Club President Brian Copher, a member of the 1985 National Championship team.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Lies and the Associated Press

When the average American gets up in the morning (or evening, such as my case) and picks up their local Daily or Sunday paper, they generally expect what they read to be the truth. Afterall, aren't their editors, and such to see to this?

Well, yes, but there is one source of unmonitored news that practically every local paper takes for granted. The Associated Press wire.

As a young journalism student, I could post anything I wanted to the AP wire, it was easy, we had a direct link from our student newsroom. A trained monkey could have wandered in and sent a story to the AP.

And now, it just so happens, that's been done.

This story from Powerline has me outraged. It appears some Democrat stooge decided to publish an absolute falsehood about a rally in Wisconsin, stating that the crowd booed when President Bush mentioned former President Clinton's upcoming bypass surgery. The truth was the crowd expressed their concern, and then cheered when Bush wished him a speedy recovery. This was a blatant attempt to make Bush look bad.

They should NEVER let this reporter near the wire again, and if I ever get to talk to him/her, I hope I can say "Yes, I would like fries with that."

Friday, September 03, 2004

I'm sorry Miss, we need this oxygen for more deserving people. Posted by Hello

Hello said goodbye?

I attempted to post a photo with Hello, but it didn't show up. Odd.

It was of the protestor at the RNC who was carted off during Bush's speech, and injured a security official in the process.

And John Edwards calls US angry?

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Today's thoughts

I didn't get to watch Pres. Bush's speech as I had hoped. Oh, it was on at work, as it came on well after the kids went to bed tonight. But, my co-workers were complaining not only because it interupted the pre-season NFL game featuring the Kansas City Chiefs and the Dallas Cowboys, but also begain spouting off Bush hatred as well. So, in order to avoid being instigated by them, I switched the TV to the Utah-Texas A&M game to shut them up, and I'll try to find video or a transcript sometime in the morning. I'm certain is well worth watching.

Astute visitors to my site may have noticed the sudden disappearance of the link to Alan Keyes' website to the right. This removal was purely intentional, as his recent comments concerning Mary Cheney have outraged me enough to pull my support. I'm sure he'll be devastated. Besides, it's not like an Arkansan had any business meddling in Illinois politics to begin with.

I'm with Dick Cheney on this one folks. It is not our right as Christians to determine which sins are unforgivable. Last time I checked, we are ALL sinners, and at times I can be as selfish and hedonistic as the next man (or woman.) Our role as Christians is to simply spread the gospel, and share the Good News about Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, and his forgiveness of all sin, yep, ALL of it. All the lies, all the coveting, all the Lord's name in vain-saying, all the eating of ham sandwiches (Levitcus 11:4) everything.

What ever happened to love the sinner, hate the sin? Shame on you Alan. But, I'm certain God will forgive you, if not the Illinois voters.

What really pains me about that is that I cast my first ever Presidential vote for Alan Keyes in 1992 (primary) as I was just 17 in the 1988 election.

Well, it is late, and I think I've dug my hole deep enough for one night.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

More RNC thoughts

Great, now these pillars of the liberal community have actually managed to sneak in to Madison Square Garden and disrupt the proceedings inside. One of them even injured a 20-year-old delegate from Wisconsin. Did you see ANYTHING like this at the Democratic Convention? No, you didn't. Yes, Sean Hannity was there, but he was very polite and fair with the people he talked to. But, we have Michael Moore calling us losers at our own convention? And now more angry libs with nothing better to do than protest a convention? Don't they get it? Nothing they have done has swayed ONE VOTE their way. Quite to the contrary they have, as I said before, sent a lot of swing voters swiftly into the Bush camp with their behavior.

In college, I was a delegate to the Oklahoma GOP convention, and I can't imagine what I would have done if confronted or attacked by some angry liberal protestor. Now, I'd like to think I'd just back off and let security handle it, unless they were nowhere to be seen, then I'd try to contain them until help arrived. But, in my younger, leaner, more hot-headed days, they might not have been so lucky. But this just once again shows the dicotomy of the Republicans and Democrats. Rudy was right, they're not all wrong, we're not all right, but gosh darn it, we have certainly got the nod when it comes to civility.

Weight update/RNC thoughts

Having recently hit 389, I was quite depressed, and quite frankly embarassed to blog about it. But, after the past week of walking, and cutting down on portion size (although I'm still eating way too many carbs) I have gotten it back down to 380. (whew!)

Congrats go to Princella Smith of Wynne, Arkansas. I've tried to find video of her speach to share, but have been unable to do so. But, a solid "You go girl!" goes out to her anyway.

Also, thanks to the more than 900 neo-hippie losers in New York who have been arrested so far, including the 20-year-old poster boy for the liberals who severely beat a New York cop. Every day you losers are out there spewing your hate and venom, you send swing votes our way.

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