Nixon's Memoirs: Today's thoughts

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Today's thoughts

I didn't get to watch Pres. Bush's speech as I had hoped. Oh, it was on at work, as it came on well after the kids went to bed tonight. But, my co-workers were complaining not only because it interupted the pre-season NFL game featuring the Kansas City Chiefs and the Dallas Cowboys, but also begain spouting off Bush hatred as well. So, in order to avoid being instigated by them, I switched the TV to the Utah-Texas A&M game to shut them up, and I'll try to find video or a transcript sometime in the morning. I'm certain is well worth watching.

Astute visitors to my site may have noticed the sudden disappearance of the link to Alan Keyes' website to the right. This removal was purely intentional, as his recent comments concerning Mary Cheney have outraged me enough to pull my support. I'm sure he'll be devastated. Besides, it's not like an Arkansan had any business meddling in Illinois politics to begin with.

I'm with Dick Cheney on this one folks. It is not our right as Christians to determine which sins are unforgivable. Last time I checked, we are ALL sinners, and at times I can be as selfish and hedonistic as the next man (or woman.) Our role as Christians is to simply spread the gospel, and share the Good News about Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, and his forgiveness of all sin, yep, ALL of it. All the lies, all the coveting, all the Lord's name in vain-saying, all the eating of ham sandwiches (Levitcus 11:4) everything.

What ever happened to love the sinner, hate the sin? Shame on you Alan. But, I'm certain God will forgive you, if not the Illinois voters.

What really pains me about that is that I cast my first ever Presidential vote for Alan Keyes in 1992 (primary) as I was just 17 in the 1988 election.

Well, it is late, and I think I've dug my hole deep enough for one night.


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