Nixon's Memoirs: Morning sickness

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Morning sickness

I can't even watch the morning news anymore. It's like they don't even care how liberally biased they seem anymore. With only ONE "Fair and Balanced" news source on the television, and seemingly NONE in the print media, it's baffling to me about how much the left complains about talk radio and the blogosphere.

As a firm believer in free speech, I've got no problem with the left-wing opinion shows, as long as they are billed as opinion shows. I've got no problem with Michael Moore's movies (I actually LOVED Roger & Me) as long as one takes them with a grain of salt. The left can say anything they want, because our armed forces fought and died to give them that freedom.

So why do they act so hatefully towards talk radio, and the right-leaning bloggers? Are they so afraid of our opinions being in the arena of ideas?

With CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, the AP, et al all shoving their lefty opinions down America's throat, I really wish FOX would be the "GOP-TV" that all those other places say they are. But they are satisfied with being fair, and I suppose I should be too. Even though two sides appear to be one too many for the liberal media.

I say all this mainly because while sitting with my wife this morning, NBC is reporting that EDWARDS clearly won the VP debate last night. And from what I saw, that's just not the case. Edwards looked like a lost little puppy, and Cheney was training him with a rolled up newspaper, and shoving his nose in his own crap.

ABC's poll seems to agree with me, whilst C "BS" apparantly FORGED their poll, showing Edwards as the clear winner.

My absolute favorite moment was where Cheney mentions he's presided over the Senate for FOUR YEARS, and the first time he'd met Edwards was at the debate!

What exactly has to happen for a Republican to win the debate? Forensic proof that Kerry was on the grassy knoll in Dallas? Osama's head on a stick? A new car for every audience member at the debate?

Its far past time to realize that we will never EVER get a fair shake from the MSM, long live talk radio and the BLOG!


At 7:22 AM, Blogger Middle_America said...

Totally agree with you on it Nixon. What I don't understand is the continue rise in blatant bias.

Unfortunately for CBS, this continues to degrade them as a source of good information. A prime example of self inflicted wounds.

At 1:07 PM, Blogger laurie said...

rar! maybe i don't see all this bias because i live for the tearing down of the bush administration.

the whole cheney not ever meeting edwards until the debate is pure crap though. they were showing video footage of the two sitting together at a state dinner. and video of edwards being at elizabeth dole's senate swearing in. and some other place, i can't remember.

i tried to watch the whole thing, but i was just bored to death. i don't like the "meet the press" format. the presidental one on friday that's town hall should be reallllllly interesting, but alas, i think i'm headed to the state fair that night instead of tv watching at work.

At 7:56 PM, Blogger Middle_America said...

Oh come on Laurie, the point was Edwards has the most embarrasing attendance record in Senate, missing 70 percent of the time. You and I both know if it was a regular job, we would be fired.

The analyst came out already stating (right after the debate) that it was incorrect, but an effective statement.


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