Nixon's Memoirs: Radio Free Arkansas

Monday, October 04, 2004

Radio Free Arkansas

This morning, fellow blogger Laurie, of 'Stupid Mouth' fame appeared on my favorite morning radio show, the Dave Elswick Show on KARN. She was charged with representing the whole of twenty-somethingdom, along with a twenty-year-old co-worker, against the questions and charges of a listening audience that seemed to average over 40.

I managed to be the first caller of the show, moving the conversation briefly from (yawn) Social Security to what else? The Blogosphere! The joy in Laurie's voice at the moment she realized who I was was quite comforting, as for a moment, she actually sounded freaked out that I was mentioning her blog on the air.

Dave was his usually savvy self, and brought up Jacketgate, which I responded to knowledgeably, I believe.

Laurie was highly impressive, and while claiming to be a 'liberal', sounded much more Libertarian to me, with a lot of 'fiscal conservatism' mixed in. Both she and Cole, the other young man with her took the Republican stance that they would rather be personally responsible for saving for retirement, than have the Government do it. Amen!

Laurie talks more about her radio fame on her blog, linked above in the first paragraph, do check it out!

Tonight, for me, it's church at 6:50. I invite any and all of my Little Rock readers to come tonight if you can! This week I work the 3-11 shift Tuesday and Thursday, then overnights Saturday and Sunday again.


At 1:03 PM, Blogger laurie said...

cool! a whole post about me! awesome! and it's positive! hehe. j/k i'm not that conceited. thanks for the compliments though. maybe i am turning into a libertarian in my old age...hmm...something to consider. thanks for listening and calling (for like the 100th time). i was kinda scared about you bringing up my blog b/c i write so much about people around town, but it seems as if my favorite topics didn't hear the show so i'm still safe for now. and i got a $5 donation from my paypal link! haha! anyway...


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