Nixon's Memoirs: WIDE RIGHT! WIDE RIGHT!

Sunday, October 31, 2004


What a heart attack ride it was yesterday watching my OU Sooners take on the pesky Pokes of OSU. We had a solid crowd of about 15 at yesterday's watch party, and it was pure excitement.

The Cowboys are a darn talented team, and of course, they're always going to step up their game against us.

Next week we take on Texas A&M, who I was pointing to as a tough win. I don't know if them losing to Baylor makes them less dangerous, or more dangerous. I guess we'll find out next week.

Meanwhile, we've got this little election coming, and I'm totally confused about something. Why would anyone, Republican or Democrat, want to steal, deface, or otherwise molest a campaign sign? Do they really think that's going to change ANYONE'S mind? For that matter, why do people think signs themselves make any difference? Is someone out there so terribly gullible, that, on their way to the polls, they see a nicely manicured lawn with a Kerry/Edwards sign on it, and say "Hey, they have a nice yard, I guess I'll vote for Kerry."

Folks, please go out and vote. But DON'T VOTE IF YOU'RE STUPID!

I think it totally unfair that someone who can't even name The Vice President, or the Capitol of the United States, gets the same say in choosing our government as I do.

If your sum political knowledge comes from P. Diddy and The Daily Show, do the world a favor, and just watch a re-run of Road Rules or something instead, please.

Alas, I myself may be stupid for waiting until Tuesday to vote, but I wanted to go out on the day itself and monitor my precinct for voter intimidation, etc. So, if you hear about some guy in Little Rock going to jail for waylaying a Teamster, pray for me.

Oh, and after Bush wins, let's please send a bill to the DNC for all the damage and injuries caused by the loony left whilst attacking our headquarters, our volunteers, and our equipment.



At 11:13 AM, Blogger laurie said...

we've lost like 4 kerry signs that we keep putting out in front of mike's apartment complex. the last one was gone in less than 3 hours. he now has one hanging off his balcony, way out of reach of potential thieves.

i just keep my sign in the back window of the car. i guess that would make me the crazy democrat that sped past you on the interstate the other day, right? ;)

the aggies are going to be angry when they play OU next week. i'm sure OU will manhandle them though. hehe. how 'bout them wolverines pulling out a 3OT win against the stupid spartans! wooooooo! go blue!


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