Nixon's Memoirs: Quotes, banners, and Slick Willie style

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Quotes, banners, and Slick Willie style

So I never did figure out how to get rid of the bottom banner. Therefore, I decided to put it to work with the quote.

I was looking for something I thought captured blogging in general, and I think I did quite well. When thinking of who to quote, I thought back to the posters I used to get in college as a subscriber to some conservative newsletter that also sent out posters of famous conservative thinkers. Aleks was one of those.

I'd still like to eliminate the redundant title, but oh well.

The local news media are going GA-GA over all the celebrities in town. I myself am locking the door, and sleeping until they all leave. Attenders include the REV-rund Jack-son, Al Franken, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Will Smith, etc. Our Republican Governor and fellow church member Mike Huckabee is being a gracious host, and the Bush family and Gerry Ford will be in town soon, so I guess that helps balance the universe here.

I wish I could have dinner with Dan Quayle and just talk about the good ol' days.

Update: Thanks to my readers, I now have the top looking how I like it. Thanks all! I hope you like it too.

Update 2: Looks like Gerald couldn't make it. Good thing I guess, at 91, in the rain, with his sense of balance, it could have been a tragedy.


At 6:43 AM, Blogger Middle_America said...

I think I found your red bar. Its on the very very bottom Between the 'Begin Footer' and 'End Footer' captions.
(div id="footer") (div) (div)(hr /)

(p)(!-- This is an optional footer. If you want text here, place it inside these tags, and remove this comment. --) (/p)
Try to remove the above and see that doesn't do it. I had to change the above lesser than and greater than signs to parenthesis in order to paste it. : )


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