Nixon's Memoirs: Sick Day

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Sick Day

Woke up this morning with a horrible headache, and it just got worse from there. I'll spare all the horrid details, but today was about the worst I've felt in a long time.

Meanwhile, the heater repair guy was here, forced to listen to the sounds of my sickness while diagnosing my heating system. He ended up having to call his boss and the manufacturer before figuring out it needed a new gas valve, at a quoted price of $285.

Did I mention I was sick?

So, it's still a tad chilly in here, which is not conducive to my getting well. Thankfully, my wife came home between work and her symphony rehearsal and fixed me some chicken soup and crackers, and I'm feeling moderately better now. Good enough to get to the computer anyway.

There's a new book link to the right. The book is written by my pastor, and my wife is reading it right now. I'll either have her do a review of it, or do one myself after I've read it. Knowing how wise and encouraging my pastor is though, I can recommend it sight unseen.

I'll be spending Thanksgiving at my Uncle's house in Conway. I have to work overnight Thursday, which precluded us from going to Oklahoma this year, where most of my family is. I was supposed to work tonight as well, but as noted earlier, I'm sick, and therefore called in.

My blog traffic is picking up, for which I am thankful. I hope all of you are able to be with loved ones for Thanksgiving!


At 8:16 PM, Blogger Middle_America said...

I hope you get to feeling better, Nixon.

At 8:19 PM, Blogger Skizz said...

Well, you just now started your blog, so lemme give ya some hints. I used to get about 20 hits a day when I started back in July. Now I'm up to an average of 120. Link whore. Link whore. Link whore. Visit other blogs and post on the comments section (forums work real good too!) about a story or article and inconspiciously add a link in there to a similar article you wrote about said subject. If you're writing's good enough, you'll pick up on regular visitors because they'll wanna see more of your stuff.
Also, send your URL into different search engines such as Google, Lycos, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Sometimes ya get a couple hits a day off of that alone. Hope that helps a bit.

Also, thanks so much for linking me. If you'd like a recipricol (sp?) link.. feel free to e-mail me or go to my site and leave a comment. Ya run a good site, so keep it up, man.

At 8:38 PM, Blogger The American Warmonger said...

Thankfully, my wife came home between work and her symphony rehearsal and fixed me some chicken soup and crackers, and I'm feeling moderately better now.Dude, you need to thank her, thank her her profusely. Maybe if you can drive withough going all blurry you can get her some flowers as a thank-you or something. Trust me on this one. It will pay off later.

TD is whore, link whore, link whore. Somehow I've been able to whore my way to about 250-400 (depending on days) on the TTLB. I only get about 80-120 hits a day. Yeah, I know, form someone getting 20 that's tons but considering Daily Kos gets about 440,000 daily I'm in the same shoe you are.

Here's some good groups to whore to: Blogger Alliance, Homespun Bloggers, Blogs for Bush, etc. The TTLB has a list of groups that can help pump your numbers.

I think I'll write a piece on this...and link whore the heck out of it. Hint, Hint.

Oh yeah, and get better! (Happy Thanksgiving.)

At 7:01 AM, Blogger Nixon Casablanca said...

Well, I'm already a member of The Alliance and Homespun Bloggers, but I seriously don't intend to be a link prostitute.

I started this blog to share my daily life with friends and families, and whoever else stopped by to read. I don't want to have it get to the point to where I'm editing comments or spending more time on my blog than with my wife. I'm happy with the 30 hits a day, because honestly I'm not selling anything, save a few books off to the right, and that's for mere pennies on the book.

But, thanks for the advice!

At 4:25 PM, Blogger Len Kutchma said...

Wow, what's going on here? I too am down for the count as is kingfish at

Hope you're feeling better soon.


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