Nixon's Memoirs: Christmas cheer

Monday, December 13, 2004

Christmas cheer

Kind of a rough week this week. Last Thursday, I asked about 6-8 people to work for me from 3-11p so I could attend my wife's Wind Symphony concert, and not one person wanted to do it. So, I walk in Thursday at 2:50, totally ticked off, and what do I walk into? A freaking power struggle between one of our patients, and a staff member.

So, I clock in, then I wait until that staff member decides to remove himself from the situation, which is how you avoid a power struggle. We talk the kid into walking to the "quiet room" by himself, but three minutes later, bammo, we have to tackle him.

That pretty much set the tone for the whole day Thursday. That night I found out that my wife's car broke down on her way to the concert, but luckily she got a ride with a friend of ours.

I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday overnight, and the whole time I was at work, I was sucking down coffee, fighting off sleepiness, and daydreaming of being in bed. Sunday a kid ripped off the cover to his room's sprinkler and tried to cut his throat with it, so he was back on "eyeball" precaution Sunday night. It's a pain to do, because you have to sit there and just stare at the dude 24/7.

So today, I rode home with my co-worker, because my wife had my vehicle, and I had my wife's car towed to Jai's European Auto at about 5pm. So, they'll get to look at it first thing in the morning.

The good news is, I don't have to be back at work until 11pm Friday night, as I took Thursday off. Thank goodness someone was willing to work it this week. But, I have to get up extra early tomorrow to take my wife into work, then I have a huge list of errands to run, including paying my speeding ticket from back in October, renewing my car tag, getting the towing fee reimbursed from the insurance agency, and doing some Christmas shopping for a couple of the patients. The agency gives us $100 for each kid, and we've got their Christmas lists.

I've taken note that none of you, my loyal readers, have entered the Deadpool2005 contest yet. I'd like to encourage you to do so, as it could mean a nice little Amazon gift card for me next Christmas if I win the referral contest. So pick those doomed souls today, and tell them "Nixon Casablanca" sent ya!


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