Nixon's Memoirs: January 2005

Friday, January 28, 2005

Walkin' and missin' dinner.

Okay, Day 3 of the treadmill era, and so far, so good. It really is easy to motivate myself down to the den, and if I forget something, like a bottle of water, or a towell, I just have to run right back up and get it. This is far better than in the past when I'd be preparing for my trip to the YMCA, and gathering up all that stuff, getting myself in the car, and driving over there. I put a mile on the treadmill Thursday, and just over a mile on it today, as I'm going "30 minutes, or a mile, whichever's longer." It's a good slow start for me, considering my weight.

I was in a BAD mood Thursday. I had asked my boss TWO WEEKS in advance for that evening off, as my place of employment was having a "Employee Recognition Dinner", and I was one of the ones being honored for being there two years. (Ok, really I've been there over 3 1/2 years, but I quit for a month in 2002 to pursue cooking school, which worked out horribly so I went back to work.) NOBODY would work for me! They either had prior commitments, or were going to the dinner themselves. So, the day rolls around, and I have to work. If you're an "honoree" you get one free guest ticket, so I had planned on taking my wife. Here's the thing, they honor folks at 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, and after that I forget. So, the next time I'd actually be able to take my wife for free is January of 2008.

Pouring salt in the wound were the food service workers. They called to get our "dinner count" and when I started to tell them how many take-out trays we needed, they stopped me and said. "We're all going to the dinner, so you'll be all take-outs tonight." GRRRRRRR! Basically, that means they hand us all the food in big aluminum trays, and WE have to prepare and serve it.

Some employee "recognition" huh?

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Homespun Bloggers Symposium:Cat Politics.

Obviously, I'm not active enough within the Blogosphere to have noticed this trend, or I probably would have commented on it already. But, thanks to the Homespun Bloggers Symposium 10, I now have the opportunity to comment on the political affiliations of feline companions.

Now, my household is loosely based on our own system of government, in that I generally represent the Congress, which creates laws and resolutions after much debate amongst myself, and then passes them on to the Executive branch, which is represented by my wife. She has complete or line-item veto power of any and all items submitted to her by me. Then, if vetoed, it is sent back down to the legislative branch (me) and debated once more amongst myself, which includes the merits and demerits of a veto override. If a majority of me feels the override is needed, I pass the legislation.

Then, of course, after the legislation is passed, the checks and balances come into play once more in the form of the Judicial branch, once again represented by my wife, who determines the Constitutionality of my legislation, and strikes it down accordingly, or reprimand the legislature if the the harm is irreparable.

It is through this process that my household is without a cat.

Therefore, I am quite unable to lure any felines into my sphere of political influence, save the neighbor's cat, who enjoys sunning herself on our front deck. Through careful negotiations with this foreign power, we have reached an agreement that the home legislature will allow sunning rights within the homeland, in exchange for petting rights by the legislature. The foreign power seems agreeable to this, and thankfully did not offer up other demands such as a petting-for-food program, or other such bribes.

This cat is most identified with the Free Soil party politics of the post Civil-War era.

From my experience, a majority of domesticated felines, despite their tremendous abundance of material possessions, remain rather demanding, and in a 'welfare state' mentality, depending entirely on their government to supply their every need.

However, those cats who have been given more autonomy over their lives, and that have more access to natural resources, tend to be more self-reliant, and 'rugged individualists' who can, and do survive on their own, taking handouts only in the most dire of circumstances.

Other Responses:
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Mixing the bitter, with the sweet.

My wife and I mourned the loss of a young life today. He was a joyful young man, and a member of my wife's high school band. Since I've helped chaperone all the band trips over the past two years, I've gotten a chance to know a lot of her students pretty well. This young man was a tad more aloof than the others, and I never knew him as well as I wanted to. Over 100 people crowded into a church designed to seat 30, and though a few attendees were there simply as an excuse to get out of class, it was obvious that this young man was well loved, and liked, by his family and friends. The tragedy is that this young man took his own life, and those who knew him best are suffering from guilt as well. He will be missed.

On a more postive note, the treadmill was delivered as promised today at 2pm. They had to disassemble it in my carport, then reassemble it in my den because it wouldn't fit in the door, but it's there now, and it looks wonderful. It holds my weight, and walks smoothly. I see good things happening with it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Premier Fitness finally called the other day, and they're going to deliver my treadmill on Wednesday at 2pm. I asked them since it's been 3 1/2 weeks if they could throw in something extra. At first, they offered me a t-shirt, but when I reminded them I wore a 4X, they offered me a towell.

Great, I wait 3 1/2 weeks for $3700 treadmill, and they throw in the towell.

Guess who's not getting ANY more business from me?

I've been avoiding the sodas, though I still crave them. I've been carbonation free since January 6th.

I've been taking my laptop to work on Monday nights, and so far have been defeating my friend at Scrabble. I haven't played on "online" game in a while though.

Not to be a blasphemer or anything, but I never really was that big of a Johnny Carson fan. When I was young, sometimes I would get up and watch his show on the small black and white TV I had in my bedroom, and was never that impressed. Maybe it was because I expected so much more (like nudity and secrets to understanding adults) from the show, but it just never appealed to me. I was, and still am a Letterman fan, though (at least he blew stuff up) and Dave respected him, so there's that. I realize his importance in the entertainment field, and that theme song has been stuck in my head for decades, but he was never the "king" in my opinion.

Both my picks lost in the their respective "FC" title games, so my Falcons-Steelers dream Superbowl isn't happening. I cannot STAND the Eagles, or their fans due to their patently rude behavior, so I'll throw a half-hearted 'woop' the Patriots' way, watch for the commercials, and sit in anticipation of the upcoming baseball season.

Meanwhile, on the hardwood, my Sooners are 15-2, with back-to-back victories over arch rivals Texas and then 5th-ranked Oklahoma State. That, combined with their earlier win over defending champions UCONN, makes this look like a great season. BOOMER SOONER!

I'm happy to see the administration starting to make overtures about going into Iran. The student Democracy movement is strong there, and the oppression of the Mullahs needs to be put to an end. I hope we can put our focus there soon, and Iraq and Iran can be free Democracies.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

I've been hiding at work.

The troubled child business is alive and well, unfortunately, and combining that with flu season makes for a lot of opportunities for overtime at work. Today is my first day off since last Wednedsay.

Has anyone else noticed the downright hateful coverage of today's innagural? I can only speculate, of course, but I seriously doubt if John F'n Kerry had been elected that any of the major news organizations would be squaking about the cost, or the corporate sponsorship, or which bands were playing, yadda yadda yadda.

It seemed to me like they had already produced all these celebratory CGI graphics, and were using them just out of necessity, but with no real enthusiasm.

I will give kudos, however, to Bill Clinton and Bush Sr. Those two have been working hard to put politics aside and do what is absolutely right in regards to the tsunami aid. And one giant raspberry to Bill O'Reilly for polarizing George Clooney's genuine effort to raise money as well. I am a conservative, yes, but this does not mean that I am a grandma-stomping billionaire (my W-2 is proof of that.) As a human, and a Christian, I truly care about others, and applaud any and all efforts to relieve the suffering.

Personal goals today are to do laundry, and make a trip to the Home Depot for some supplies so I can finally restain my deck.

Oh, and still no treadmill, thanks to Premiere Fitness of Little Rock. They've already cashed the check, but the Landis L-7 is still "In transit". I can picture the two Mongolian messengers now traversing the South American jungle in an effort to bring me my treadmill.

Now go do the right thing! (hehe)

Monday, January 17, 2005

Happy King Day!

Our recent visit to Atlanta, which included trips to Ebenezer Baptist, The King Memorial, the Center for Social Change, and the King Museum, really opened my eyes to everything the good Dr./Rev meant to this country. Before his efforts, my marriage would be illegal, and both my wife and I would be subject to severe penalty.

I urge all my readers to take some time today and learn a little more about this great man than you already knew. I thought I knew a lot before the Atlanta trip, but I learned so much more.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Not that I ever read these things...

But I've discovered which Nigerian spammer I am most like.

This quiz, and the one below, I got from DPenguin.

You are Larry Koffi.  You are director in charge auditing and collecting Union Togolaise De Banque Lome, Togo West Africa.  You came across $44.5 million of a dead person in your bank. You will give me 25% to be his NEXT OF KIN.  You like red jelly beans.
Which Nigerian spammer are You?

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Not as nerdy as I thought.

Don't try to convice my old high school classmates of that, though.

I am nerdier than 52% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Hey, Basketball!

Helping relieve the shock and awe of the OU football loss are Kelvin Sampson and the Sooner rounballers who are 12-2, in the top 25, and defeated 11th ranked UCONN today 77-65 at Lloyd Noble Center. Their only losses have come at the hands of Washington and Duke.

My mother-in-law went home to Hawaii today after a long and enjoyable visit. She had been here since Christmas Eve, and it was great having her. She'll be back in June!

I'm due to see the doc tomorrow, as I've been having this strange problem with my left arm. I get a stinging pain every time I rotate it, like when I turn a doorknob or check my watch.

Still no word on the treadmill, so I'm going to call them tomorrow.

I haven't gotten over my cola cravings yet, but am trying to fight them off with juice and water (I went with Mountain Valley btw)

I'm still doing well at Scrabble online, but that hasn't translated to victory at work yet. I've dropped two-in-a-row to one of my best buddies.

A golden raspberry to KATV-7 in Little Rock for pre-empting the 2-hour ALIAS premiere, which I THOUGHT I taped for viewing at work last night, only to get Jefferson Pilot Sports presents SEC Basketball. BLAH! I hate this! Jefferson Pilot were the ones that pre-empted a lot of Sooner games last season, and now they're screwing with my shows too!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

And there was sadness in the Sooner Nation

We had a great crowd at the Embassy Suites for the Orange bowl, over twenty OU faithful gathered to cheer on our Sooners, and for about five minutes, we were mighty happy.

The USC done did us wrong.

It was made worse by a small group of drunken "Sooner haters" who had different alma-maters, none of which were USC, but had all come and decided to root against us just for the fun of it. And root they did, even going so far as mock us by yelling "Boomer!" whenever USC scored a touchdown.

The crowd had dwindled to about six or seven by the time the game mercifully ended. I still love my Sooners, though, and am proud of the fact that I was the only OU club member to make every single watch party this season. We lose a LOT of talent this year, and next season doesn't seem to be near as promising. I'll root for OU nonetheless.

The treadmill is ordered, but they were out of stock, so it'll be next week before I can start that. I finished off the last of the 2004 Diet Coke yesterday, so its juice, tea, water and coffee from here on out, but mostly juice and water.

I'm now ranked #61 in the world on Scrabble Online, though I doubt seriously that will continue for very long, as I'm sure the number of online players will increase as more people buy the game.

So, congratulations to the USC Trojans, the Auburn Tigers, and the Utah Utes for their undefeated seasons.

Boomer Sooner in 2005!

Saturday, January 01, 2005


Happy New Year, Memoir Maniacs. It's the first of January, 2005, and it's time for my annual list of things I plan on changing this year. I'm trying to make them simple this year, so I have a better chance of sticking to them.

1: Bite me, Coca-Cola! I've been addicted to your battery acid for too freaking long, and despite my recent purchase of a "Diet Coke" had, pledging my undying devotion to your syrupy product, I will no longer drink the vile bile you've been peddling to me since birth. That's not to say you'll be losing any revenue on me, nind you, as I plan on purchasing lots of Dasani drinking water to fill the void. Got any Dasani hats to sell me?

2: Premiere Fitness, take "me" away! If only you folks had been open today, you would have sold a $3000 treadmill to me. But, you'll have to wait to cha-ching that one up until the 3rd now. I'm turning my Price-Is-Right addiction into a healthy one by resolving to spend the Hour of Fantastic Prizes on a new treadmill everytime I watch.

3: Triple Word "Score!" To keep my brain healthy as well, I've recently purchased both Scrabble Online, and the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. I hope this will replace other mindless (and possibly blinding) online pursuits.

That's it, three little things. I already attend church on a regular basis, and am comfortable with my spiritual life and I believe the things I've listed will help improve my marriage, not that it's doing badly.

Now the only thing I need to start the year off right is a BOOMER SOONER victory in the Orange Bowl!

I hope all of you have a happy and blessed new year!

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