Nixon's Memoirs: Homespun Bloggers Symposium:Cat Politics.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Homespun Bloggers Symposium:Cat Politics.

Obviously, I'm not active enough within the Blogosphere to have noticed this trend, or I probably would have commented on it already. But, thanks to the Homespun Bloggers Symposium 10, I now have the opportunity to comment on the political affiliations of feline companions.

Now, my household is loosely based on our own system of government, in that I generally represent the Congress, which creates laws and resolutions after much debate amongst myself, and then passes them on to the Executive branch, which is represented by my wife. She has complete or line-item veto power of any and all items submitted to her by me. Then, if vetoed, it is sent back down to the legislative branch (me) and debated once more amongst myself, which includes the merits and demerits of a veto override. If a majority of me feels the override is needed, I pass the legislation.

Then, of course, after the legislation is passed, the checks and balances come into play once more in the form of the Judicial branch, once again represented by my wife, who determines the Constitutionality of my legislation, and strikes it down accordingly, or reprimand the legislature if the the harm is irreparable.

It is through this process that my household is without a cat.

Therefore, I am quite unable to lure any felines into my sphere of political influence, save the neighbor's cat, who enjoys sunning herself on our front deck. Through careful negotiations with this foreign power, we have reached an agreement that the home legislature will allow sunning rights within the homeland, in exchange for petting rights by the legislature. The foreign power seems agreeable to this, and thankfully did not offer up other demands such as a petting-for-food program, or other such bribes.

This cat is most identified with the Free Soil party politics of the post Civil-War era.

From my experience, a majority of domesticated felines, despite their tremendous abundance of material possessions, remain rather demanding, and in a 'welfare state' mentality, depending entirely on their government to supply their every need.

However, those cats who have been given more autonomy over their lives, and that have more access to natural resources, tend to be more self-reliant, and 'rugged individualists' who can, and do survive on their own, taking handouts only in the most dire of circumstances.

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At 5:58 PM, Blogger Paulie at The Commons said...

Hear, hear.

At 8:01 AM, Blogger Amanda said...

HI, I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by on of my blogs and leaving a comment. I wanted to leat you know I have a "main blog" to which the one you commented on is linked to. So here it is

And thanks for the encouragement!
God Bless and best wishes in your endevors!

At 8:02 AM, Blogger Amanda said...

And sorry I can't spell when I type fast! ;)


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