Nixon's Memoirs: Update.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Premier Fitness finally called the other day, and they're going to deliver my treadmill on Wednesday at 2pm. I asked them since it's been 3 1/2 weeks if they could throw in something extra. At first, they offered me a t-shirt, but when I reminded them I wore a 4X, they offered me a towell.

Great, I wait 3 1/2 weeks for $3700 treadmill, and they throw in the towell.

Guess who's not getting ANY more business from me?

I've been avoiding the sodas, though I still crave them. I've been carbonation free since January 6th.

I've been taking my laptop to work on Monday nights, and so far have been defeating my friend at Scrabble. I haven't played on "online" game in a while though.

Not to be a blasphemer or anything, but I never really was that big of a Johnny Carson fan. When I was young, sometimes I would get up and watch his show on the small black and white TV I had in my bedroom, and was never that impressed. Maybe it was because I expected so much more (like nudity and secrets to understanding adults) from the show, but it just never appealed to me. I was, and still am a Letterman fan, though (at least he blew stuff up) and Dave respected him, so there's that. I realize his importance in the entertainment field, and that theme song has been stuck in my head for decades, but he was never the "king" in my opinion.

Both my picks lost in the their respective "FC" title games, so my Falcons-Steelers dream Superbowl isn't happening. I cannot STAND the Eagles, or their fans due to their patently rude behavior, so I'll throw a half-hearted 'woop' the Patriots' way, watch for the commercials, and sit in anticipation of the upcoming baseball season.

Meanwhile, on the hardwood, my Sooners are 15-2, with back-to-back victories over arch rivals Texas and then 5th-ranked Oklahoma State. That, combined with their earlier win over defending champions UCONN, makes this look like a great season. BOOMER SOONER!

I'm happy to see the administration starting to make overtures about going into Iran. The student Democracy movement is strong there, and the oppression of the Mullahs needs to be put to an end. I hope we can put our focus there soon, and Iraq and Iran can be free Democracies.


At 5:16 AM, Blogger kel said...

A free towel....that doesnt even come up to the cost of the taxes. Well at least you will get it and get to begin to work out.


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