Nixon's Memoirs: Walkin' and missin' dinner.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Walkin' and missin' dinner.

Okay, Day 3 of the treadmill era, and so far, so good. It really is easy to motivate myself down to the den, and if I forget something, like a bottle of water, or a towell, I just have to run right back up and get it. This is far better than in the past when I'd be preparing for my trip to the YMCA, and gathering up all that stuff, getting myself in the car, and driving over there. I put a mile on the treadmill Thursday, and just over a mile on it today, as I'm going "30 minutes, or a mile, whichever's longer." It's a good slow start for me, considering my weight.

I was in a BAD mood Thursday. I had asked my boss TWO WEEKS in advance for that evening off, as my place of employment was having a "Employee Recognition Dinner", and I was one of the ones being honored for being there two years. (Ok, really I've been there over 3 1/2 years, but I quit for a month in 2002 to pursue cooking school, which worked out horribly so I went back to work.) NOBODY would work for me! They either had prior commitments, or were going to the dinner themselves. So, the day rolls around, and I have to work. If you're an "honoree" you get one free guest ticket, so I had planned on taking my wife. Here's the thing, they honor folks at 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, and after that I forget. So, the next time I'd actually be able to take my wife for free is January of 2008.

Pouring salt in the wound were the food service workers. They called to get our "dinner count" and when I started to tell them how many take-out trays we needed, they stopped me and said. "We're all going to the dinner, so you'll be all take-outs tonight." GRRRRRRR! Basically, that means they hand us all the food in big aluminum trays, and WE have to prepare and serve it.

Some employee "recognition" huh?


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