Nixon's Memoirs: Covenant Marriage night.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Covenant Marriage night.

Yesterday, I brought home to my wife a cloth rose and singin' dog (also fake) that howls to the tune "Only You."

Yes, she loved them.

No, really, she did.

That evening when I woke up, she had bought me a wonderful, and quite aptly descriptive card, some sugar-free dark chocolate (yummy!) and a toasted Subway sub. (Double yummy!)

We went out to Bosco's on Saturday, so the romantic dinner was already taken care of.

Tonight, we went to Alltel Arena to celebrate our marriage, and to witness the covenant marriage of Governor and Mrs. Huckabee. It was great fun, and there was a fantastic crowd.

Also there were some gay activists.

My wife steered me away on the way into the arena, as I do tend to embarass her at times, but she had no idea what I was going to say to them.

What I DID say to them on the way out was this:

"40 years ago, it was illegal for US to get married too." (My wife is black, in case I've never mentioned that.) "Don't give up!"

Needless to say they were both thankful and stunned.

I've mentioned before that I'm more of a "Dick Cheney" Republican when it comes to this issue. I have a feeling that years from now, if not sooner, the Defense of Marriage Act is going to look just as ridiculous then as the "No interracial marriage" laws from the 1960's do now.

Granted, gays and straights aren't drinking out of different fountains or forced to use seperate but equal phone-booths, but this willful exclusion and admonition needs to stop.

I certainly support 'traditional marriage' and Covenant marriage as well, but if two men or two women who are in love pledge to stay commited to one-another, and are faithful, and effective guardians, God bless them! That's more than a lot of 'traditional' marriages are demonstrating these days. BUT, that's what I would want and expect out of a gay marriage as well. Make THOSE 'covenant' marriages as well. Make it just as hard for them to divorce as it is for straight covenant marriages. The whole idea is family stability, and avoiding fornication and infidelity, which is a major health issue.

Happy Valentines Day to all you lovers out there!


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