Nixon's Memoirs: Homespun Symposium XII

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Homespun Symposium XII

This week, Southern Conservative asks the question:

"During last year's presidential election, some people began talking about reinstating the draft. Most conservatives, such as myself, simply saw it as an effort on the part of liberals to distance young people from Bush. Many conservatives have responded to the issue by insisting that there won't be a draft. Yet, I think another question deserves consideration. Do we have the right to insist and expect that the war against terror will not require a draft? The draft was an important element in the winning of the first two World Wars. The war on terror is another global war. What gives our generation the right to expect to abstain from the same duty our grandfathers and forefathers were called to?"

In the immortal words of Kuni, the martial arts instructor from UHF: "Nothing! Absolutely nothing!"

I signed up for selective service, just as I was supposed to, and I registered to vote on the same day. I not only considered it an obligation, but a privledge. At 33, just shy of 400 lbs, and diabetic, I don't guess Uncle Sam has me too high on their list to sign up, but would I? HELL YES! This is my COUNTRY, not just where I live, and I would fight and die for the right to live here, and I have the utmost respect for those that have, and do.

My Marine Corps recruiter was late for our appointment in High School, and we never made any effort to reschedule. By the time Desert Storm came around, no recruiter was even interested in me. Getting turned down by the Coast Guard in '98 hurt the most, though.

It would be really interesting to see the moonbats response to a full-scale invasion of the U.S. Would they sign up then? Nah, they'd probably just move to Canada and say that we had no right to the place anyway.

Luckily, it appears to me that enough young men and women love this country enough to fight for it on a volunteer basis, so the draft isnt' needed. But, if it ever is, hopefully another "Greatest Generation" will step up and do what needs to be done in order to protect freedom once again.


At 1:46 PM, Blogger Darrell said...

Hey, I really like the attitude you approached the topic with… mostly because I think I share that attitude. We need more people who are a little gung-ho for our country. There don’t seem to be enough of us around these days. Thanks for taking the time to craft a response to my symposium question… but furthermore, thanks for loving your country!


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