Nixon's Memoirs: Words of encouragement

Friday, March 25, 2005

Words of encouragement

I've been so delighted with the response I've gotten as a result of being on "Arkansas' Biggest Loser."

My wife, my parents, my extended family, my friends, my readers, my co-workers, even the kids at work are all very excited for me! The kids at work have now taken me on as their special project, and have been inspecting my lunchbox, and watching me like a hawk in the cafeteria. I love those guys. Here at home, my wife has finally decided to try the diet with me, as she was very impressed with the results of the first week.

I am not without my skeptics, however, a few of my fellow men-of-size at work are already coming up with phrases such as "it's just water weight" and "you'll put it right back on." Phooie! They just don't realize the intensity and effectiveness of this diet! The only one who can screw this up is me!

I did make a rather depressing revelation the other day, however. About a year ago, when my doctor told me that I needed to lose the weight, or that I would die in about ten years, I did very little to change my eating habits, and worked out only slightly more. Now, I DID get down to 344 at that point, but let it all pack back on. But, with the added motivation of $$$$$, I'm sticking to it. So, "It'll save your life" ehh. "I'll give you cash." OK! I guess that makes me a typical American.

The wife and I are going to see "Guess Who" today. We feel almost morally obligated to see it, as it is about a white male-black female romance. Not too many of those to choose from! (Bringing Down the House was close, but way too stereotypical.) I've seen some interviews with Bernie Mac about the film, and it appears as though they're handling the subject respectfully. I'll possibly have a review of the film later today or tomorrow.


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