Nixon's Memoirs: Seven pounds and scared squirrels

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Seven pounds and scared squirrels

O.K. I can't lie to you guys. I've been a royal pain in the butt this week. I've let every little thing get me angry, and I've taken out my anger on my wife, fellow motorists, telephone receptionists, clerks, the kids at work, and even an innocent squirrel. All right, not-so-innocent squirrel, as he managed to scale the thin 'squirrel resistant' pole that my bird feeder is attached to DESPITE the fact I have a squirrel feeder out there as well. I lost it, I announced my intention to "kick its ass" and ran out in the back yard armed with a telescoping static duster and took a swipe at the tree rat, which ran off in abject fear. Thanks to the weight-loss, I ALMOST caught the sucker!

Speaking of the weight loss, an impressive seven pounds this week. I was really feeling bad the last few days, I felt like I hadn't lost any, and was getting really bummed out. But today lifted my spirits, and Tracy Douglass and Dan Skoff (Channel 4 folks) even surprised me by throwing out a "Boomer" at me, to which I promptly replied "SOONER!"

I'll have the photos up soon after does.

Thanks again for all the support!


At 7:57 AM, Anonymous Colleen said...

You are doing SO GREAT, my friend! Good for you, planning to stick with it for life. That's excellent! It won't always be *this* hard, though it won't always be easy, either. But you'll feel so much better :)

I need to lose this extra weight, myself, but I can't diet in earnest until next year.

At 6:40 AM, Blogger Circa Bellum said...

was that you bearing down on my bumper with that menacing look on your face? Just dang!

You know, there's a Vietnamese restaurant in your part of the world that is really good and the food is quite healthy. Give me a holler some time and we could meet over there for lunch - they have some great vegetable soup and the spring rolls (not fried) are to live for.


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