Nixon's Memoirs: Pizza, Prizes and Padawans

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Pizza, Prizes and Padawans

Or however that is spelled...

Went to celebrate the end of the "Biggest Loser" contest yesterday at a new place called NYPD Pizza out in Pleasant Valley.

Oh goodness gracious, I cannot tell you how bad the service there sucked. But I'll try.

We arrived about 6:05, and took a seat next to the window. The server came out and took our drink order. So far, so good. We told we needed a few minutes to look over the menu.

We never mentioned needing 20 minutes to look over the menu.

She came up to us and said "May I take your..." MENUS!

We reminded her that we had indeed not actually ordered yet, which confused her to no end. Meanwhile, at this point, three other tables that came in after us had been served.

We put in our order, my wife ordered the veggie pie w/ sausage, I ordered the Minestrone and a Buffalo Chicken Bleu Cheese pie.

45 minutes later...

I went up to the manager and complained, to his credit, he apologized profusely, and went to check on our order.

At this point SEVEN tables who came in after us had been served, eaten, and left.

10 minutes later, my soup comes out, sans utensils, so I asked the waitress for some.

She brought me a napkin, in which were... A KNIFE AND FORK!

Did I mention I ordered Minestrone?

After getting a soup spoon from the manager, he personally brought out the pies (pizzas)

My wife's pizza was sausage-free, and I got a BBQ Chicken pizza. Did I mention I ordered the Buffalo Bleu Cheese? Did I mention my wife ordered sausage?

Looks like another free meal! They comped our whole meal, and gave us a coupon for another, decent of them.

As expected, John Schroeder is Arkansas' Biggest Loser, with a total of 68 lbs. lost, and a spiffy $6000 watch on his wrist.

Unexpectedly, the rest of us all got a $100 gift certificate to J. Oliver's (Thanks guys!)

And finally, on my way home from work, I stopped to pick up my ticket to the 12:30 am showing of Episode III tonight, but the box office wasn't open yet. There, however, were four intrepid fans already camped out at the Rave for premium seating.

I plan on showing up about 10 tonight, no costume, though I WILL be wearing my appropriate Big Dogs shirt, "Return of the Dogi"

That's all for now.


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