Nixon's Memoirs: July 2005

Monday, July 25, 2005

Long week/Clean House

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, it's just been a VERY long week at work, and finally it is over. I worked one thirteen hour and four ten hour shifts this week, and slept most of the time I was home.

When I wasn't asleep, my wife and I fed our new-found addictions to Amazing Race and Clean House.

Clean House has inspired us to start going through our own clutter, which pales in comparison to the clutter on the show, and prepare for our very own yard sale. We're going to join in with our neighbors for a sale hopefully in a couple of weeks.

At work this morning, my co-worker was serving breakfast to the kids and accidentally dropped the bacon. I called the kitchen and asked the for some more. When I got there, the lunch-lady in charge told me that if this ever happened again, we weren't getting any extra.

Excuse me? Are you telling me you never drop anything in the kitchen while preparing the meal? I wanted to cuss her out, but I had patients with me and had to demonstrate proper decorum. The kids, of course, wished I had cussed her out.

That's all for now, luckily I'm off for a few days, and our previous houseguest has returned home. We get a new guest this week, namely "CrazyBandDirector" who will be here for a week-long conference. I'm looking forward to her visit! (seriously)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Birthday Bash

The house was jumping last night!

I had 10 friends over for my birthday party. We served chicken strips, little smokies, turkey burgers, chicken sandwiches, and lots of Diet Pepsi. We watched, as promised, the Jermain Taylor-Bernard Hopkins fight on HBO-PPV. WHAT A FIGHT! We all agreed it was close, but "Bad Intentions" indeed won more rounds than the champ, so Arkansas has the NEW MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! Go Jermain!

Everyone watched the main event, but during the undercard the kiddos played in my den, running on the treadmill and playing on the pilates ball. It was cool.

The presents I scored were, in addition to getting the fight were: "Idiot" by Johnny Damon and Peter Golenbock; A Christian music CD;A subscription to Car & Driver magazine; A movie pass to Rave theatres; and a set of ceramic OU coasters. All that, combined with the autographed portrait of U.S. Grant my mom and step-dad sent me, and I made out pretty well! (I also won $1 on the fight from my step-dad. Haha!)

That's all for now!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I decided.

I weighed all the options and decided to go ahead and make the switch to weekday overnights. I begin in August.

A fairly mundane week. I lost 3 of the 5 lbs I somehow gained last week this week, so I'm now at 339 lbs. My wife's friend is still visiting. My wife babysat a very delightful seven-year-old this week with a rather large vocabulary and a pleasant manner. That was fun. It reminded me of the good times with and ex-fiance's seven-year-old son who called me "dad" once upon a time in '99. (I am not his father, but was interviewing for the job. His mom failed the interview.)

I am celbrating the beginning of my 35th year on earth (I turn 34 on Saturday) by having friends over to watch the Hopkins-Taylor fight. We just decided to forgo a trip this year because we just can't afford it, not even a weekend in Memphis. I was hoping the Travs would be in town for my birthday, but they are on the road. *sigh*.

We had a good visit with our friend Crazy Band Director, but sadly she had a wreck on the way home. She's OK, but dang if she didn't get the ticket, even though it doesn't seem like it was her fault from the way she describes it.

That's all for now!

Friday, July 08, 2005

How to cook and serve a terrorist.

Did I really hear this phrase on the CBS Morning News. "...(the bombers) whom President Bush calls 'evil people.'"

Whom President Bush calls evil people? What do you call them you sanctimonious left-wing waste of oxygen? Freedom fighters?

Now they've hit London, and most of London will probably blame Bush first, Blair second, and the terrorists last in this tragic attack on decent living. I can't help but wonder if plans were in place to strike whichever city was awarded the 2012 Olympics. Could that mean that had things gone differently today that New York might have been struck again? Or even that the Eifel Tower could be rubble today?

I still have every bit of healthy respect for the Muslim faith that I did when my step-father practiced it in my home 24 years ago. I have NO tolerance for the terrorist of any faith.

Teryaki Terrorist
Take 1-all available terrorists, remove hearts for they are small, unused, and most likely blackened beyond edibility.

Baste in Teryaki sauce for 40 years over high heat.

Bake for eternity in the fires of Hell until golden brown.


Now of course, my true desire is the salvation and redemption of all God's children, and I still believe this to be possible. But those who reject Him, those who choose to murder innocent men, women and children in the name of God...

May their punishment be swift.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Shift Change

A position has opened up at work. It had been available to me before, but I've turned it down. The position is the weekday overnight slot, which would be Tuesday-Friday 11p-9a. This would finally put me on a regular sleep schedule, give me weekends off, and it would be a little more money due to shift differential. Those are the positives. The negatives are I'd be sleeping days, my wife would be sleeping alone four nights out of the week, and I would miss working with my current friend and co-worker on the weekend overnight slot.

Other stressors this weeks have been an e-mail from my mother-in-law. A co-worker referred to the incident as her "Going Endora on me." But, I kept my cool, and she and I came to an understanding. Also, I found out my dear cousin France Journey has been diagnosed with Grave's Disease, and she is coping with that.

We got the brother-in-law moved in Wednesday. When we went to return the U-Haul truck, the manager-on-duty was having some anger issues, and he ended up smashing the front glass door. Scary stuff.

The wife is visiting friends this weekend, but will be back mid-day Saturday.

That's my life this week. I'm hopeful Alberto Gonzales will make it to the Supreme Court with little hassle, but I doubt it. Thank you Hon. Ms. O'Connor for your service!

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