Nixon's Memoirs: Long weekend

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Long weekend

Friday night, for the most part, was a fun night. I got to see a cute little pug dog, witness a sixteen-year-old redneck attempt to hit on my wife, saw a guy who could put a nail all the way up his nose, and once again watched the boys of "AHS" lose at football. There was some really bad officiating at that game.

Then, the trip home. One of the guys became enraged with my wife due to her decision not to stop on the mere 90 minute trip back to the school, and began yelling and cursing her loudly, not allowing her to address the band. At one point he told her "You're not my mother."

This is when I stood up and said "I'm your mama." This meant, of course, that when he is on a band trip with us, we are responsible for his well-being, and he is responsible for obeying and respecting us. He continued to yell and curse at me, and I ended up raising my voice at him to get my attention. He calmed down after a little while, and we were able to speak like civilized people. We both apologized for our angry voices, and shook hands. I deal with angry teenage boys quite a bit, but it becomes a bit more emotional when they are directing their anger towards my wife.

Saturday we went and watched OU's pathetic victory over Kansas in a game we probably would have lost if they weren't even more pathetic.

Sunday, the wife, myself, and approx. 59,998 other Arkansans went to the state fairgrounds for the last day of the state fair. We ate some good (read "bad") stuff, but we walked enough to burn those calories off.

Monday was uneventful, except that the angry kid's mom now somehow thinks my actions towards her son were questionable because I may or may not have "taken off my watch."
What actually happened was, after I sat down next to him, I removed the sports radio I had been listening to, which was clipped to my watch, and put it back in my lunchbox. Doing what I do, I know that people see the removing of a watch as a precursor to physical violence, but I had absolutely no intention of that. This kid is actually quite a good kid, not to mention a talented musician.

So, that brings me to today, where so far my highlight has been the discovery of a fun, cheesy show called "Time Tunnel" Which stars James Darren, best known by Star Trek fans as "Vic Fontaine" from Deep Space 9.


At 1:24 PM, Blogger Crazy Band Director said...

I feel your (and your wife's pain) I was cussed by a parent this year when I was out so much with my son being sick! I don't understand people!!!

Thanks for coming over and commenting... I'm doing much better at posting this go around ;)


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