Nixon's Memoirs: Holiday festivities

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Holiday festivities

I'm quite aware I haven't posted in... 10 days? Dang, I think that is a record for me. My excuse is a common one, that being I've really had nothing much to talk about.

Today was the Christmas party in our Sunday school class, where we served cookies, cupcakes, candy canes, and the traditional holiday favorite: cheese dip!

We also talked to the kids about angels, and as a gag, I wore my Anaheim Angels hat pictured on this blog. The wife and I often do these Sunday school lessons in an impromptu manner, and this was no exception. We had read the material beforehand, but had discussed very little how we would present it as a team.

One hilarious moment came when my wife was reading to the kids about the angels coming to the shepherds to tell them of Jesus' birth. She said "Do not be afraid, for I bring you good news..."

And yes, I said it: "...I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico!"

The kids rolled in laughter, and my wife just gave me this priceless look that was a combination of mirth, confusion, and rage.

We were invited to a friend's company Christmas party at her home a few days ago, and participated in a "Dirty Santa" exchange. This was the first of three such exchanges I will endure this Christmas season. This one was unexpected however, and our contribution was actually provided by our hostess, so anything we got was a pure bonus. My wife ended up with some Gingko Boloba and a Tony Roma's gift certificate, and I scored some golf coasters and KC and the Sunshine Band's Greatest Hits. That's the way (uh huh uh huh) I like it!

The next Dirty Santa will occur this Wednesday morning at my place of employment, and the third will be at my family's Christmas party on Christmas day.

Thankfully, the weather has held up, I made it safely after my last post (obviously) and I'm hoping for good weather throughout the season. If I end up in one more ice storm, I'm really going to push for an eventual move to Arizona, or at least look for a job that doesn't require me to come in during a blizzard.

I wish all my loyal readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Hopefully, I'll actually post before then, but that's just in case.)

Update: Did I say three? I meant FOUR Dirty Santa exchanges. The second one occured this evening at my church small group meeting. My wife brought to the exchange four of the books in the "Left Behind" Series. I contributed two books that I cherished, but had not yet got around to reading, which were the Biography of Humphrey Bogart, and the novelization of Casablanca called "As Time Goes By."

In return, through the dirty santa game, I recieved a fruit cake, and my wife got a Hemingray glass insulator with a B-B hole in it. Now, in mint condition these tend to sell for around $30. Did I mention the hole?

News on the work exchange on Wednesday!


At 5:13 PM, Blogger kel said...

Merry Christmas!

At 5:50 AM, Blogger Circa Bellum said...

man, I can't believe you made it out of there with the KC disk. They must not have been paying attention...

At 6:31 AM, Blogger laurie said...

i dunno if you saw the episode of The Office (NBC, thursday nights, 8:30p) with their christmas party, but it was great. it started out as a name draw, and turned into a dirty santa. the boss brought an ipod. haha! didn't do so badly with the exchanges. i'm still more of a name draw-er. i like personal gifts!


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