Nixon's Memoirs: Random thoughts.(Warning, some "V for Vendetta" spoilers)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Random thoughts.(Warning, some "V for Vendetta" spoilers)

I saw "V for Vendetta" yesterday in the theatre. Let's see, totalitarian Christian government outlaws art, other religions, homosexuality, and Billie Holiday records. Crispy dude in a mask raises a revolt to the tune of Tchaicovsky. Yeah, boring.

Speaking of repressive religious governments, have you gotten wind of Islamic leaders in Afghanistan? Despite their government releasing the man who converted to Christianity 16 years ago, they are still calling for his death. I take back everything I said about Islam being a religion of peace. You see, we Christians consider those who leave the flock to be "lost" and try to bring them back, through love and understanding, not under threat of death.

I think this "V for Vendetta" movie would have been far more realistic had it been an oppressive Islamic government, banning Danish cartoons and killing people who owned Bibles. (They kill a man in the movie for owning a Koran.)

Problems with the sewer line once more. It backed up yesterday while running a load of laundry. We've called the guy who fixed it, but no answer yet. Total bummer.
The girls are obviously getting more comfortable with us on the weekends, because they're starting to act out more. One of them really enjoys pouting and crying over the slightest redirection. (IE: "Please stop yelling and kicking my seat.") The older one puts on a shy, mopey routine when she wants something we've said she can't have (IE: Third helping on dinner)

Oh well, they are still wonderful children, and this is really good training for us for the future.

Someday, hopefully, Mrs. C. and I will have some of our own.


At 1:59 PM, Blogger Colleen said...

Aren't kids fun!? I sure do enjoy mine :)

At 6:25 AM, Blogger Middle_America said...

Ha, did you think anything less on the movie? They couldn't put Islam as the religion guy, bombs would start dropping on hollywood.

Bummer on the sewer issue.

Sounds like they are just now pushing you two to see how far their limits go. Good luck.


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