Nixon's Memoirs: May 2006

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Riverfest report

The wife and I took the two girls we babysit to Riverfest. We had a wonderful time! The weather was a little warm, but not blazing hot, and for the first time in nine years, I'm told, there was NO RAIN at the event.

We saw Switchfoot and Lifehouse on the concert circuit, the girls enjoyed bungee bouncing whilst I took in the entertaining United Freestyle Team.

With the notable exception of a few smokers and drinkers, everyone was well behaved this year. Plus, I was quite pleased to see that young teen fashion as returned to a more modest level. Gone, thank goodness, are the trends of a couple of years ago of youngsters wearing headbands as shirts and underwear as pants. May they never return.

I was much more selective about the food I ate this year. I'm doing my best to eliminate sugar and white flour from my diet, but to eat anything at Riverfest, that's a near impossible task. I did OK though.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I'm guessing this photo was meant to be scary

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The worst decision the Bush administration's ever made.

Last night, on National Television, George Bush and his advisors made the worst decision of the administration.

No, it's not sending the National Guard to the border, although if they'd just legalize and deputize the Minutemen, they'd save themselves a lot of trouble.

The bad decision was to announce this new policy at 8pm on a weeknight during SWEEPS WEEK!

DVR and VCR users across the country came home from their busy evenings (we were teaching Bible lessons at our church, which also meets on Monday night) to find that their intended viewing had been uncerimoniously pre-empted, and missed the last 19 minutes of their show.

I insist that the President make available On Demand every show he pre-empted with this mistake!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

Yeah, been awhile again. Sorry, loyal readers.

On May 1st, my wife and I felt the brutal impact of "a day without immigrants". It has taken us this long just to recover. It's tragic and cruel my friends I know, but they have proved a point and we are ready to cave to their every demand...

On Monday, Senor Tequila's was closed and we had to eat at Bennigan's instead!

Oh the humanity!

Bennigan's, of course, is an Irish themed eatery. You remember the Irish, right? came to the US in droves, were hated by Americans, but got jobs, fought against racial bigotry, and became the backbone of our country?

But the ones who came here illegally were horribly mistreated, abused, and exploited. Thank goodness in 21st Century America that doesn't happen any...more, oh wait. Dang.

Illegal Mexican immigrants are this very day in our great country being mistreated, abused, and exploited by greedy American capitalists, and those of us who want to end this travesty and fight for the right of the LEGAL immigrant, while simultaneously ending these abuses of the exploited illegal are called "heartless."


Build the wall, keep out the terrorists, make it easier for those wanting to work or be a citizen to get in.

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